Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Our yearly family picture is finally done. (This is one of the rejects). The man had a fight with a trimmer and lost... he ended up with a shaved head, hence the hats. I actually don't dislike the photo all that much, but the hats cast to much shadow on the boys faces. Once I figure out which picture I like best I'll be getting copies to send out to the family.

I can't believe it's already 2009! It seems like we just moved into this place and suff... eh I mean celebrated the switch to 2008. I must have been in year switchover denial, I still haven't purchased a new calendar.

I am pretty proud of the fact that I managed to stay up until midnight last night. I know that's quite a confusing statement from an insomniac who's usually still awake till at least 1am BUT in honor of the occasion I had one (madcap wild thing that I am) seabreeze drink (vodka with seabreeze mix hehe, which is sort of grapefruit'y tasting). Anyway that one drink pushed my sleep button rather hard and I spent the last two hours yawning till my jaw cracked.

Lady D swears by all that's holy that next year I will be spending the day at her house celebrating in style... but you know, by then I'll be yet another year older and I don't know if I could take the wildness. I might just have to take that pot of gold I plan on finding and throw my own party.. it could be a pajama party with board games and fruit juice and as soon as midnight hits we'd all already be ready to crash on the floor.

At any rate folks, I wanted to wish you all a really happy New Year... full of all sorts of good yummy things and happy events. Take lots of pictures, write down the best memories (so you don't forget em when the old person moments hit), and hug your family every single time you see them.

What are your resolutions this year??

I don't have any resolutions really. Just a couple random things:
  • I'd like to start eating healthier again (thanksgiving always kills my dietary habits)
  • I will make a bigger effort to get the Kiddo and I excercizing on a daily basis (be it walking or playing tag or what not).
  • I will try harder to keep a positive attitude through the crap. (Lord willing this year brings less crap then last year).
  • Oh and last but not least I WILL teach the Kiddo his colors, come heck or high water!

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