Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go Speed Racer

I'm not watching the news today, I'm not browsing the newspaper articles... I just don't feel like hearing everybody point fingers while nothing gets done. Not to mention the "the sky is falling the sky is falling and the world is going to end" folks. I've got enough stress in my life without dealing with that stuff in such an unproductive way.

So here's a cute picture of the kiddo.

He watched Speed Racer for the first time on Sunday. The last race of the movie Kiddo is sitting on the floor screaming at the tv "go go go, gooo you can DO it, you can WIN". I barely avoided laughing... and did not manage to get a picture. Today he is busy playing speed racer with his hot wheels. I thought it was particularly creative that he is using the groove in the top of his block bin as a race track. Note that the car in first place is a truck, and second place is speed racer. He has his hand on a race car getting ready for it's little boosters to jump it over and put it in first. He's still playing, I'm hearing squeals of tires and thumping as the cars bump into each other and the bin. I wonder who will win?

Good lord I'm getting grow'd up

Challenged to a photo meme .. to put up a picture of myself as a baby or a child I can only come up with this, a picture of a picture. Sadly (or fortunately depending on who you are and how you look at it) my sister has all the photo albums. That's her standing on the steps in the green outfit. I'm the one that looks just like her sitting down with the baby in my lap.
Looking at that picture definitely takes me down memory lane, I wasn't one for tiara's and frilly dresses either... More blue jeans and rough and tumble. The picture I think says it all. Heck I grew up on a horse 'farm' (if you can call it that with four horses) in the sticks with a whole posse of siblings... not the type of atmosphere that develops a prissy girl.
Anybody else up for posting pics of themselves as youngins?

Monday, September 29, 2008

basically a beginner

I knew it was going to be a little sketchy, but if you're going to find out you lost most of your shooting skills at least do it in a place as pretty as this!!

I knew I had lost a lot, practice makes perfect and not practicing makes you very NOT perfect. Not that I was perfect before but at least I wasn't an embarrassment to my husband!

Grip and stance seemed to stay with me fairly well but breathing control and "squeeze" up and took a vacation. I am glad we took this "first" trip out, to a non range location. I knew it wouldn't be pretty but I was hoping to have retained a little more. I suppose four years (yes, FOUR years) and a baby (now toddler) have a way of messing with things learned.

Any rate we took my Ruger and Kevins Glock 23 out. We did an approximate 9/10 yard distance and for the most part I shot while he watched and tried to correct. I think my biggest problems were breathing and over compensating (anticipating) for the kick (in the .40) as I generally shot low. I need to focus more on the breath in/out/in then halfway out and hold before I squeeze. Though I must admit in a quick firing situation I'm a little unsure how that works.

Next weekend hopefully we'll go to a range. I think now that we know I need serious work to get me back to a competent level we'll be making a better effort to get out and shoot. I'm sure my husband isn't having a problem with that idea.

Hey and before you think too badly of me I DID hit the target virtually every single time, and I generally hit the black or red. I mean sure it was only 10 yards but that's about as far as it is from one side of the room to the other in my apt, and the area I was hitting was about the size of a mans torso, so he'da been stopped, which is the ultamate goal is it not?


Well I have to say that much as I wanted to post over the weekend I was just to busy and/or to lazy! When Kev is home I end up spending a lot of time doing things with him and not nearly as much time doing my household chores and daily routine.

This weekend Kevin had an interview, I went shooting and Chance had his first sleepover with his cousin. I'll write more on the shooting trip in another post. Kevins interview went pretty well we think, now it's a wait and see type situation (isn't is always?).

I think the sleepover went well too. We dropped him off at my sister in laws house around 3:30. We were there at 2 but were a bit early and had to go find something to occupy out time till she was ready. So we took a quick trip to babies R us. I don't normally shop there but they have the potty seat I wanted to pick up for Chance. I've read all sorts of reviews on all sorts of styles (his current one leaks a lot) and it's the one that consistently gets a lot of positive feedback. It's the Baby Bjorn toilet trainer seat and it's all plastic, and ONE piece so I don't have to disassemble it to clean it!! Plus it is flatter so it's easier for him to get up onto it. Anyway we found it in the store and they were having a sale 15% off. Not to mention I found the fold up travel toilet seat for 9 bucks (vs the 12 I've been seeing it for online). So I spent a little money and I saved a little money and he had a good easy to use/clean potty seat to take with him to the sleepover. Which made me feel good. Even better I gather he went to bed at 10:30 and slept until 5:45 which for him is extremely early to get up but pretty normal for the actually going to sleep part. Oh we put him in bed at 8:30 but he talks to himself and plays with his stuffies till much later then that.

It was odd not having him around that night, and sadly really really nice to get to sleep in the next morning. I missed him though. When we went to pick him up he was pretty glad to see us UNTIL he figured out we were taking him home. Then he cried and cried. I kept thinking jeez is home really all that bad? Of course here there aren't other kids to play with and I'm immune to his cute'ness so I guess it probably is a little more fun there. It made me a little sad though when he cried like that.

Friday, September 26, 2008

colors colors everywhere

So I always thought I was pretty good with discriminating between colors. I give Kev crap all the time for wearing cloths that clash (that's why he mostly wears black *chuckle*) ...

In the spirit of that thought try out this test of colors... my eyes hurt after I was done but I scored 4 points off of perfect!! Try it and tell me how you do.

insider chuckle

Okay so um not that I've never thought of it ...

Toxic Milk

I probably shouldn't watch or read the news anymore. Everytime I see a story involving a baby I get a little extra emotional about it. Lately I've been reading about the toxic milk in China and the thousands and thousands of babies who are seriously sick because of it. It's a nightmare I can't believe is even happening. I mean companies taking shortcuts on something as important as milk a baby drinks?? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, after all the issues with lead in paint on things last year.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

creative or crazy?

"Look mom, I'm an ambulance!!"

spinning around

I wonder how this will be spun... considering this was supposed to be the debate McCain "won" how can his asking to delay it be looked at as him being chicken. Then again, how can Obama insisting on doing it anyway be spun to make him look like the better person... it will be interesting to see.

hmm on age.. still?.. really?

So apparently the FIG is investigating China's 2000 Olympic teams ages as well. Gosh, it's a little late for that one. Actually I don't really care what their ages were back then, I mean we know they were under age... what are they going to do strip the medals for 8 years ago? Yeah possible, I know, but I seriously doubt it will happen... for then or for now.

ooo *drool*

Seriously, yum boots! I don't know what it is about fall but it makes me want to chuck my entire wardrobe and buy all new. Expecially since I'm sure I very much need new cloths anyway. I've been a tad partial to boots lately, expecially ones with clean lines and buckles and straps. I like the lacing on these.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

wild thing

Nothing puts a crimp in your afternoon like having to take away sesame street privileges from a three year old because he pooped in his drawers... At some point here I'll figure out the why of his potty training issues but until then I suppose it's trial and error on a daily basis. I might have to resort to the dreaded sticker chart, seriously, stickers?? I don't think the joy of getting a sticker ever motivated me to do anything in my life. I mean, gee, woohoo, a little sticky piece of paper that doesn't even STAY sticky.

Yeah he's my little wild thing. Does things his own way in his own time always, since he was born.
He runs rampant about the house all day and apparently has cotton stuffed in his ears so he can't listen when I tell him to behave.
On the plus side he absolutely adores his costume for Halloween this year. He wants to try it on at least once a day and stomps around the house growling.

pretty in... black

Sunday we went to a gunshow. Kevin and I keep meaning to go but since we moved to Utah two years ago I think we've only been to one. That's pretty bad considering.

Anyway, as mentioned, we actually finally made it to a gunshow on Sunday. After getting past the sticker shock of the tickets (I know, I know 9 bucks a pop isn't really that bad but yeesh!) we wandered up and down every single isle.
We finally found a guy who actually had (miracles of miracles) all three models of the Kimber I've been looking at.

I really like the SIS Pro (which is the mid sized option). And as luck would have it the gentleman at the booth was not at all busy so I was able to hold all three, the Custom, Pro and Ultra and I really liked how the Pro felt. I mean the Ultra was very nearly perfect but I've been told that a shorter barral on a .45 actually hurts the velocity somewhat.
Kevin has of course been pointing out that in wanting a Kimber the length of time I'll have to wait before I have it will be quite a bit longer then otherwise. He has mentioned a couple time that a Glock .40 would be just as good and quite a bit lighter. I may have to consider his view. After all I got my first gun almost 10 years ago (Ruger Mark II) and it's probably about time I upgraded.


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