Monday, January 31, 2011


The Man is in the Navy Reserves, which means at least once a year he takes a trip to do training. When he does he’ll be gone for at least two weeks and the Kiddo really misses him. The day before the Man leaves we all go into the Kiddo’s room and look at his calendar, we take a crayon and circle the day the Man will be back home, and the Kiddo crosses off the days as they pass.

Generally we have a couple sleep overs where the Kiddo brings his stuffies and spends the night in my room. He’s always been something of a night owl so we talk and sing lullabies until he’s wound down enough to go to finally sleep. It’s fun for me to see the things he does to entertain himself when the lights are out, hand puppets and having his stuffies talk to each other.

1-29-2011 sleepover (1)

(the flash was so bright he squinched his eyes as I took the picture, he was having a conversation with his giraffe about how it’s okay to be afraid of the dark).

This most recent trip we decided to try something new, Skype chat. We weren’t sure how it would work, the Kiddo loves to video chat but the Mans computer doesn’t have very good sound so they end up doing video with typing instead of speaking.

I can only say that it’s incredibly surreal watching my 5 year old boy having a typing conversation back and forth on a computer. He takes awhile to hunt and peck, and his spelling is awful (I help, spelling the words out loud for him, when he lets me) but he's talking with his Daddy and he loves it.

1-28-2011 skype chat with kevin

Friday, January 28, 2011

Times up

The kiddo has a focus problem. When it’s something he doesn’t like doing he easily gets distracted and finds something else to do. Put a book in front of him and he’ll read the whole thing. Put the alphabet in front of him and he goes a bit spacey and it could take over 20 minutes to write the letters.

Mrs S, the Kiddo’s teacher, has commented numerous times on his inability to focus in class. She has requested that we work with him on getting things done in a set amount of time. She said we should put a clock in front of him and tell him when the little hands gets to such and so number your time is up. I understand why she wants us to use a clock (because there’s one on the wall of every classroom he’s ever going to be in) but I’m not sure that’s an active enough countdown to motivate him.

My mom suggested using a kitchen timer. The kind you wind up and it ticks down the seconds till brrrrring you’re times up!

1-28-2011 timer at home work

Today we tried it, we did three mini exercises to see how he'd handle it.

He traced the alphabet, time limit was 5 min. He had it done in 3. Reward*: one Hershey's kiss.

He wrote the alphabet, time limit was 5 min. He had it done in 2! Reward: another kiss.

He wrote his numbers 1-30. Time limit was again 5 min. It took the entire 5 minutes to do but he made it (barely). Reward, a great big hug from me and happy dances around the living room.

In less then 15 minutes he had finished his at home work that usually takes him more then an hour. He says he loves his new timer, and he loves using it to work.

We will continue to use this type of motivation and time awareness for different types of activities over the next week and see if it helps any in school. I’m hopeful.

*I thought I'd start with a physical reward that was immediate and easy for him to understand. As we go on with this we'll transform the reward into him earning tv or computer time. I'll make a chart and every time he "wins a game" (beats the timer) he'll get to add a bit more time to the chart. I haven't decided if it will work better for him to be earning time for the day he's on or for the next day.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

self serving

The Kiddo was up late this morning. It was just shy of 9 when he came shuffling out of his room. That meant his meds were late and so by the time he was able to eat breakfast he was (according to him) starving:

Him: Mom can I have breakfast? I need food!

Me: sure bud what do you want?

Him: (opening the fridge) I dunno let me see….

Him: (mumbling to himself) oh HEY maybe this, do you think she’ll let me eat it? Maybe if I ask…

(he took the leftover pizza out of the fridge and turned bright hopeful eyes to me)

Him: Mom, can I have pizza for breakfast?

Me: sure, why not…

1-27-2011 pizza for breakfast (1)1-27-2011 pizza for breakfast (2)

I didn’t realize he’d eat all three pieces. He did. In between bites he told me “I’m a hungry, hungry, kid mom, you should feed me more often”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

updates for January

This month has definitely been a whack a mole month. I've said that to a couple people and they always look at me like I'm nuts, but think about it... Up pops a mole, WHACK you smack it on the head and it gets beat back into the hole it belongs in. Not even a full breath later up pops another mole. The good news with that game (and this month) is that if you're quick all the moles get smacked down and you don't lose the game. So far this month I haven't lost the game*

The month started with our 14lb furry pain in the buttness ... ahem I mean Cupcake, getting a bladder infection. Vet was great though, they didn't charge us a visit fee so got out of there with only the cost of the meds and the pee test.

Then the Man had some issues with his training trip and he ended up leaving four days later then planned. Good news there was that the trip wasn't canceled and he did end up getting to, better late then never I say.

Then, while he was waiting to leave his teeth decided to freak out on him. He was in so much pain that he actually filled and took the pain medication scrip the dentist gave him. His mouth is feeling better now and is on the mend.

I pulled the tendons in both ankles. Good news is that my calf muscles have finally lost the extreme tightness and as long as I spend most of the day with my feet up my ankles seem to be getting better.

The Kiddo's health insurance was canceled, the State made a mistake on that one. They gave us until the 24th to get in some paperwork. It was faxed to them on the 20th, but their computer canceled the insurance on the same day. Fortunately I keep an eye on things like that so it was fixed by the 25th, he's got insurance again :)

And yesterday the trucks tire went half flat, I took it into discount tire and they fixed it for free. They told me they were astonished at how old our tires are, and how well they've lasted. But they also told me that it might be a very good idea to replace them all soon. Fixing the flat was my immediate concern, I'll deal with the rest a little further down the road.

And then we come to the note send home by the kiddo's teacher. Dear Parent the Kiddo consistently does not complete his work in class. Oh ugh, I knew that actually. Every day when he comes home we sit down and go through his school papers. Anything not done correctly or not completed we finish... and there is ALWAYS something not completed.

So step one was figuring out how to motivate him to at least TRY in class. I think my relaxed attitude to his not completed work (oh well we'll just do it now) has led him to believe that he doesn't have to even try so we made a rule that if he comes home with work unfinished then he loses his Nintendo and computer privileges for the entire day. To earn them back he has to do better in school the next day.

Step two was to talk to his teacher and let her know that we did notice the problem and that we are having him finish the work at home (ie it IS getting done). When I went to talk to her she surprised me. She said that while she did wish he would try harder to do the work she was more concerned with his 'social learning' then she was his scholastic. She said if she puts a book in front of him he'll read it, and he has a decent grasp of the spelling and the math that she has tried to teach. She wants him to learn the social cues better, and to know how to interact with the other kids more easily. So she said she's treating his schooling differently then most kids in that sort of way. In other words she does care he isn't finishing his work, but not anywhere near the level she would be with most other kids.

I'm very happy that she knows that he knows it, and that she's paying enough attention to know what his needs are and to focus on them. I hope we can help the Kiddo focus a little better anyway, it probably drives her batty when he goes all space cadet on her.

*AW SHOOT I just lost the game!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where’s it at? (at)

When the Kiddo went to see Santa early last month he asked for three things. He was given the Astro Boy movie, so check one thing off the list. His cousins gave him a bumblebee toy that walks and talks, close enough to his request for a ‘remote control bumble bee’ that we can check that off the list too. The only thing that left was a “Big Guy” (ie an AT-AT), Santa didn’t bring one and nobody gave him one.

He’s a bright boy though, and not very demanding. He understands that you don’t always get given what you ask for and that sometimes you have to try to make things happen for yourself. The first thing he said when he opened his Christmas cards, the ones that contained money, was “oh boy NOW I can buy my big guy.” Two days after Christmas he very politely asked me if I would drive him to Toys R Us so that he could spend his Christmas money on his toy.

Last weekend we finally took him. He always amazes me with how well he does with shopping. We’ll be in the grocery store and he’ll ask for chips, I’ll tell him that we have to finish getting the things on the list first and then if there’s enough money maybe. We get to the end of the list, and when I’m done adding it all up he will ask if there’s enough… if I say no he says okay and moves on. There’s no whining, complaining or fits.

Spending gift money with him has always been exactly like that. We walked into Toys-R-Us and went strait to the star wars isle. He walked up and down looking trying to find something that would match the mental image of the AT-AT he's been carrying around in his head. He finally found one and practically danced with excitement because it was perfect, the box said it was 2ft tall!! And it looked exactly like the one in the movie.

vintage at-at

It was SO perfect, but it was $109 and I explained to him that he didn’t have that much money* I told him to keep looking and that I was sure he’d find something almost as good that he’d like. He sighed, sad, but agreed and kept looking. He finally found a box with the Galactic Heroes version (that’s a ‘new’ kids cartoon of starwars and they have out the same type of action figures and vehicles just in a smaller size and ‘cartoon’ look).

I told him that yes HE could afford that and he grinned, he said “okay mom, we’ll buy this one today and then maybe I’ll get the other one for my birthday to be his friend!”. I told him we’d see and we put it in the cart. Then we walk around the rest of the store and looked at everything else, to make sure he bought what he really wanted. Now and then he’d see something he wanted and ask, and I’d explain that all his money could only buy ONE thing so if he wanted the new toy we’d have to put the AT-AT back on the shelf. He was so funny, he’d jump and say “OH! That’s right, I’m sorry, I’ll put this one back I really want my big guy” and he’d put the new toy back where he got it.

1-16-2011 AT-AT he bought with his christmas money (3)

When we got home we pulled it out of the box and he started looking at him. It’s got a side hatch that opens, a couple figures and a speeder bike for them to ride on. The legs are pose able and there’s a button you can press to make laser firing noises for it’s front guns. He loves it so much he asked me to help him make it a house…

1-16-2011 ATAT house we made (1)………..1-16-2011 ATAT house we made (2)

We used the pieces of the box it came in to decorate a cardboard box, little bit of glue and some tape and voila his AT-AT has a home. It’s got a handle on the door to help him open it, handles on the top (so he can carry it), an a little rope with a paperclip attached to the back so when he opens the door he can “clip” it to stay open.

* he still talks about the really big one. He says if he gets money for his birthday he’s going to save so he can buy it. It IS a pretty cool looking toy but I can’t decide if letting a (then) six year old spend that much money ($85 on amazon) is a responsible thing to do or not. Understanding that it is his money, we usually put a little in savings, a little into a ‘gifts for others’ bin, and give him a little to spend. I think this teaches him that the gifts he buys for others are from HIM, and that saving is important, and that money doesn’t just appear (note our “not enough for chips grocery store conversations).

What do you think? If (and he probably will) he gets enough cash gifts for his birthday should I let him buy himself something that expensive?

(btw click the picture of the at-at box to take you to the amazon listing if you’re curious)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 1–Cto5K

Welcome Scan

Day One (Monday) –

  • Try one, utter fail!!
    • First point, tripping over a dog when you aren’t used to running kinda stinks. Wont take her with me again until I get slightly better at things.
    • Second point, jeans are good for the pockets (where else do I put the house key and cell phone?) but they are awful for running in. Not much to fix that though, I either find some sort of running pack or I learn to deal with it.
  • Try two, got it done!! Running for 60 seconds is a lot harder then it sounds. Thank GOD for the 90 seconds of walking in between. (ouch my lungs hurt).

Day Two (Wednesday) -

  • Dropped the Kiddo off at school. Snowing off and on and colder… so I hit the work out center (and treadmill) vs being outside. I actually think I prefer the treadmill to outside, I have less to worry about (no hills, traffic, etc) so I can tune out a little more which makes the running part easier. I think the only drawbacks to the treadmill are the creepy guy who kept watching me (while he waited for the office lady to get back from her lunch), changing the speed from walking to running, and stepping off the machine at the end (I had some serious vertigo!).

Day Three (Friday) -

  • Ow. And not an ow because the running was hard, but an ow because my heel hurts like a son-of-a… It felt fine after running Wednesday, but yesterday after I took the dogger on a brisk 30 minute walk I noticed a pain on the upper sides of my heel. Sort of like a bruise, and this morning it was still here. To test out whether I should run I took the dog with me to drop the Kiddo off at school. We walked home (about a 15 minute walk) and by the time we were back to the apartment things felt fine so I decided to try it. Running was not a good experience, I made it through the full 20 minutes but only barely and I was really limping afterword.
  • After spending several hours searching for “pain in the inside of the heel just below the ankle bone” I’ve determined that I’ve probably got a tendon issue (Posterior tibialis tendonitis) and that being the case I’m quitting Cto5k for a week or so. I’m frustrated but resigned, I hope I can find the motivation to try this program again later on down the road.

This morning things really hurt still, the good news is I have these great green slip on shoes and they support the sides of my feet enough that it helps keep it all stable. I'm still shuffling around like a 100 year old but I see things getting better... now if only the Man hadn't lost our entire stash of Ibuprofen before leaving...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Singing and Reading...

The Kiddo pretends he learns stuff in school but I think all he really does is play and sing...

The stuff he learns at home* is so much more important... Well okay, I suppose that's not really accurate *chuckle* He was reading before the school year started but he has gotten a LOT better at it with what Mrs. S has taught him. The spelling thing, yeah he was doing that on his own too.. if he can sound out a word he can spell it... but he's in bad trouble when they get to words that aren't spelled the way they sound and Mrs. S has helped a lot with that too.

The first four words are from two weeks ago, they tested on them last Monday and he got 100%. The second four words were last week, they tested on them this week and I assume he got 100% (we haven't seen the 'graded' paper yet). The last four are this weeks words that he will test on next Monday. He really rocks spelling.

Almost every day as we head off to school we play a spelling game. I ask him a word, then he asks me one. The words are NOT limited to his spelling test words. He loves the game, and he's really good at it. In the video I should have had him spell smart, he nailed that yesterday (it was my bonus round challenge word for him).

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Theologically* speaking

Is chocolate, chocolate? Does all chocolate taste the same?

I don't mean the obvious, the percent of cocoa to sugar, or the flavorings. If you take two chocolate bars from two different countries with the same cocoa ratio would they taste similar (both use the cocoa bean right?).

What if it was made from a "new" cocoa bean... what then? Would the chocolate taste different?

If I had a little more money I think I'd need to buy some and try it just to see. That and I've never actually tried a chocolate covered cocoa bean before, I wonder if it's anything like a chocolate covered coffee bean?

*Can I even use a religious word to reference a debate on chocolate? I say yes, so I did... but that doesn't help me shake the tiny bit of guilt I have that you word'y people will be shaking your heads at yet another instance of me butchering the language.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

new blog

A long time ago my little brother started an online journal he didn't write in it very often, I understand that, the habit is hard to form (not to mention the motivation). Recently he started writing more, he said he had a goal to write daily, which he struggled with so changed it to writing at least a few times a week. He wanted to force himself to actually write!! And he thought by telling his journal readers that he'd write such and so number of times he'd actually do it.

I started this blog two years ago, I started with the goal to write daily. I wanted the blog to be a mix of everything that is my life, nothing fancy just me. Peeks inside the corners of life and mind, and my audience is you (friends and family). I don't have any readers who don't fall into one of those categories, which I'm more then okay with as the stuff I write would bore the insanity out of anybody who couldn't relate to it on a personal level.

I have the habit of writing now. I write at least every other day, sometimes twice a day. I skip weekends (for the most part) and am not as good at writing on long holidays.

All of this rambling is my long way of introducing you to a friends new blog, Lucky Coyote Lingo. She's a writer, and started her blog (I think) for the same sort of reasons that my little brother has his journal, to help stretch her writing skills, and share her thoughts on random writing related things. Who knows what her blog will turn into (baby blogs evolve on their own it seems and don't always turn into what they were created to be.. best laid plans and all that).

Today was her second blog post and she wrote about Fairytale heroins, she's always been bugged by the weak 'a man will save me' attitude of some of the more classic fairy tale females. I enjoyed Cinderella and when I watch it that helpless woman isn't what I see (but then I was always looking at the beautiful coach and dress and fancy shoes). My Friend saw a damsel in distress who can't seem to lift a finger to help take care of herself, and jumps at the chance to have a man rescue her. I saw the ultimate love story, with ever after being my life goal (love, marry, till death do us part).

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Every month, once a month, we get the Kiddo’s refill on his growth hormone shots. They usually call me about a week before he’s due to run out, and we set up a day for me to expect UPS to drop of the medication. We get two shot pens, a box of alcohol wipes, and a baggie of needles. We also get a ‘playing card’ which has a round leap frog sticker on it.

1-18-2011 caremark reward leap (1)

The Kiddo gets to put the little sticker onto Busters back pack. When six stickers are on the pack he picks a prize and we send in the card. Last month we finally put the last sticker on his card.

The Kiddo thought hard, and finally picked. He was positive, and very excited, so we stuck a stamp on it and sent it in. Two weeks later (give or take) and UPS delivered his box…

1-18-2011 caremark reward leap (2)……1-18-2011 caremark reward leap (3)

He named the frog Leap and he loves it. It’s really soft and snuggly and it’s kerchief has a picture of a frog on it with the words “leap frog”. Now we’ve started another card and in Five months or so we will have another filled card and get to pick another prize.

Daily shots stink, he mans up for them but he still hasn’t gotten used to them enough to not tense up so they pretty much always hurt a little. It really helps that he can SEE the progress of his growth on his growth chart, and that he knows how proud we all are of him (extended family included). But from the grin on his face as he lifted the frog from it’s shipping box, I gotta say that I think it helps that he also gets free random gifts out of it (at least for now).

What I like

I really like when I come back inside from taking the dogger to the potty and I walk in on the Kiddo reading a book out loud to himself. I think I might need to do another video of him reading for you guys, he's got a couple new books that he absolutely loves and he giggles as he reads them.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Could today be the day?

I'm planning it, I'm motivating... I mentioned that one of my resolutions was to do the Cto5k program. And then, I think, I mentioned that I wasn't going to start it until February (due to wanting to do it with the Man and some scheduling conflicts, on his part, this month).

Then I realized, as I took the dog for a 15 minute walk around the complex yesterday, that there's only ONE treadmill in the exercise room. So if I do it with the Man and we try to do it at the same time (actually doing it together) we're done before we even start.

Which leads me to the conclusion that I might as well get rid of my silly excuses and just START the thing. I can do it on my own, and then when he's ironed out his schedule a bit better he can start. I can still go with him, but for now I can do the bike or something while I keep him company, nobody said two cardio sessions in one day was a bad thing.

Weather bug says it's 45 degrees outside, yesterday was about the same with rain... so the streets and sidewalks are clear. Perfect for day one of torture. Besides week one looks easy anyway (*fingers crossed*).

I'll try to do weekly updates, and I plan to have my running days be Mon, Wed, and Fri (while the kiddo is in school). Anybody want to do it with me?? (lady D?? Auntie Ph?? ... )

Scary but...

I came across this as I browsed around trying to keep awake this morning. It's scary but, in a train wreck sort of way, I kind of want it. Can you imagine the conversations you'd have when company came over? And I bet the kids would fight over who got to sit in it!

Course I don't think the Man would let me get it anyway, and I think it might freak out the dog.

(click the link and/or picture to see more pictures etc).

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear Uncle T

I forgot to post this picture/story. The Kiddo’s uncle sent him some fuzzy pants from Korea, I think they are absolutely adorable. Of course The Man wasn’t quite as pleased, pink?? really?? Lets hope the Kiddo doesn’t do any sleep overs …


The orange ones, on the other hand, are great! Yeah they’re a little girly but the Kiddo LOVES them. He loves all things soft and cuddly (that red shirt in the family picture? it’s fuzzy fleece and it’s his favorite shirt). Not only do these pants get soft and cuddly points, but they all get “dog picture” points, and he thinks it’s kinda cool that the dog is half on one leg and half on the other. They are a little big on him, I had to roll the top down to get them to fit… I’m thinking they’ll last longer if I stick them in ‘storage’ until next winter (when they should fit). Maybe I’ll let him wear them on super cold mornings every now and then until then.

I have pajama pants envy, I love those pink ones (if my hips were smaller I’d squeeze into them and call them capris). I think we might wrap them and let the Kiddo give them to his cousin for her birthday this April (if that’s okay with Uncle T?), I’m pretty sure she would love them and think the pink monkeys perfect.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dr. Suess and shoes?

How did I manage to miss this? I mean I love all things Dr Seuss... how could I not know that they made seuss shoes??!!
Kiddo's favorites, sz 10 - 40 bucks on ebay (yikes)

Or these which I love and are a little better, 20 bucks in a size 11

If I had a few extra bucks, I'd get a pair for the kiddo and then if I could find some that fit me I'd be even happier!! (my favorite are the black Grinch high tops)...
and I wouldn't mind a pair of white ones, though I think these might be a little to granola for me, and have no idea where I'd find them (my quick google search for them left me empty).

I think the only ones I've found even close to my size are these orange ones. Which I adore (I LOVE bright fun color in shoes)...

Monday, January 10, 2011

A 'Relaxing' Weekend

The Kiddo had a good weekend. He spent Saturday at the in-laws with the Man watching the Seahawks game. He also spent quite a bit of time playing his new leapfrog explorer (given to him by the in-laws).

1-9-2011 relaxing (1)

He loves that thing!! It’s a touch screen hand held game system, and all the games/ebooks/etc you can get for it are made for learning. So even when he spends two hours sitting on his butt he’s working on his reading, or math, or writing even.

I spent the weekend feeling a bit sick, and the dog spent it being lazy. I think she likes this under 20 degree weather we’ve been having even less then I do.

1-9-2011 relaxing (2)

The bad news with that is I end up fighting her for the sun squares on the floor. I finally just covered up in a blanket on the couch and let her have it…

The Man spent the weekend being productive... he took the vehicle in for it’s emissions testing so we could register it. We’ve had a few problems with sensors the last few years so we held our breath that it would pass. It didn’t… But being the smart guy he is, the Man brought home the fail codes and looked them up on the internet. That told him where to look to find out what caused them. It wasn’t pretty... apparently our DPFE sensor was fried (literally).


But he’s just handy enough with tools that he was able to fix it himself. 55 bucks later he had new hose and a new sensor, and had it all put back together the way they should be. Looks a lot better doesn’t it?

So now we have a well rested dog, a happy (smarter) kid, a slightly more healthy me, and a registered vehicle. I think that makes for a pretty good use of a weekend.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Almost six, doctors, and babies

The Kiddo is almost six years old, can you believe that?? I realized it the other day, I mean really thought about it, and I had to sit down. Where does the time go? When do they go from being tiny little babies to big kids who barely fit in your lap? I suppose I should be a little thankful for his growth issues, I’ve had more years of him fitting in my lap then most moms do.

1-8-2011 reading

Speaking of growth issues, yesterday was the Kiddo’s Endocrinologist appointment. The last time he went was in October, he was 36.2 lbs and 40.9 inches tall. This month (three months later give or take a few days) he is 38.4lbs and 41.35 inches. That’s just under half an inch, and not much for growth considering we’re used to over an inch, and I was concerned.

I do like the Kiddos doctor but he is the kind of guy who likes to gloss over the bad while fixing it. Rather then telling me if having such a low amount of growth over the past three months is bad or not, he kept saying how great it is that the Kiddo has grown a little over two inches since the appointment before that one, six months ago. I grit my teeth, the Man is much better at forcing the doc to answer questions then I am. Regardless he did look to fix it by upping the kiddo’s shot dosage from .7 to .8 mg. With that we should see an improvement on his growth rate by his next visit in March.

Other then that visit went great, Doc is really happy with how the Kiddo looks and his other medication doses stay the same. We will have another bone x-ray done the month before his next visit in April, as well as blood work to check levels.

And to add a random note to the bottom of this (you’ll see the connection when you finish reading through it)…

A few weeks ago, just before Christmas, the Kiddo was cuddling before bed. Randomly he asked me when his baby sister was going to come. I didn’t know what to say so I stammered a bit and finally settled on telling him that God has her, and he has to decide when it is that she can come and join our family. The Kiddo said that she needed to come now though and somebody should tell God to bring her. So I said that was what prayers were for, that he could ask God to bring her, but that we would still have to wait until God decided it was the right time.

Then we went to his room to tuck in and as I left the room he stopped me before I closed the door, he told me that that God has a bus full of babies, and on that bus is a baby girl with black hair who is just WAITING to be part of our family... and that we just have to keep asking God to bring her to us because he really really wants a sister.

So yesterday in the doctors waiting room we met a very cute little girl. She was 12 months old, with blond hair and the cutest dimples when she smiled. She was right behind us in line and the Kiddo asked if he could play with her, I told him no (she was too small) but that he could talk to her if he wanted just NO touching. So he crouched down and started talking to her. He told her his name, and that he was 5, and how the doctor was going to tell him how tall he was… And then He spent a good couple minutes telling her all about how he was going to have a baby sister kind of like her, except his sister was going to have dark brown hair etc etc

Of course then I had to explain to the waiting room full of parents, all looking at me, that I was not, in fact, pregnant but that the Kiddo just really wanted a sibling and was determined if he talked about it often enough he’d get one.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year New Challenges

We’re into it now, five days at least. And already we have seen some of the challenges for the year to come.

The Kiddo loved his first day back at school. Mrs. S gave all the kids a pencil box and a box of crayons. She also gave them a roll of smarties if they turned in their site words list (The Kiddo did). I wasn’t sure if he would be happy to be back in school or not so I saved the gingerbread house my in-laws gave him to do as an after school project (that’s my story anyway).

1-4-2011 gingerbread (1)…….1-4-2011 gingerbread (2)

Day two he came home with his very first spelling list! I’m excited. Working on reading is great but I feel like we really need to have something new to work on, something that’ll really challenge him. Of course there’s always hand writing (his is awful still), we are still doing the alphabet, daily, but my mom suggested I also have him work on lines and circles… genius. I don’t know why I hadn’t been doing that already, after all letters ARE lines and circles. He couldn’t quite get the concept of a pipe (overlapping circles) so I had him do lollipops instead. We’ll work our way up to pipes.


And can I say that he already knows how to spell this weeks words. Pop quiz him any time you like and he’ll spit em out like they’re his own name. I can’t wait to see what four spelling words he gets to do next week!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Non Event

Today is the Kiddo’s first day back to school, he had a week and a half break for the holidays and he’s been enjoying every day of it. Every day after breakfast he would remind me that we didn’t go back to school that day, and then he would ask to go play. I know he missed school though, regardless of what he admits too, because at home he has no other kids to play with and every day he got a little bit more needy and demanding.

Last night as I tucked him into bed I reminded him that today was Monday and that meant school again. He sighed (a little theatrically) so I told him that I’m sure Mrs. S is excited to have her kids back in class (uh huh, I bet she really isn’t a fan of the first few days after a break) and that all his friends are probably looking forward to seeing him again. His little face brightened up quickly after that, “my friends? That’s right, my friend Randy can play with me”…

and I thought, without saying it out loud that Jenae might be a bit interested in playing with him again too… Christmas week she sent him home with his very first love letter (both sides are done). Of course I could be wrong, it might not be a love letter at all, the Kiddo didn’t have much to say about it… when I asked he just shrugged and said “some girl gave it to me”.

first love letter

Today is also the start of the new year (well plus two days heh). My resolution is to have this year run more smoothly then last (last year went better then the year before so I feel that should not be such a hard goal). My other resolution is to actually do the couch to 5k program. I think Cupcake might benefit from a steady running program and since I currently gasp like a fish out of water after 2 minutes of running I am hoping if I start now and do the entire program then by the time the weather warms up she AND I will be ready to take a daily jog.


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