Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Overheard from the back seat...

Saturday night the Mans sister took the Kiddo for us. The kiddo's cousins have been begging for a couple weeks now for him to have a sleep over so we thought it was about time to let them have it. Sister in Law loves having him over and he LOVES being there. He likes being there so much that when we show up to pick him up the next day he gets really ticked and then asks the entire rest of the day if we can go back... Talk about making his mommy feel loved *woeful sigh*

The point of this post is not my feeling of inadequacy however but that the kiddo told a story... he told it to himself, complete with giggles (apparently it was a funny story). Don't get me wrong, he's told stories before, but generally they happen after prompting and little memory joggers to help him through the whole thing. This one was completely impromptu and just for himself.

to whit: we were driving home from the Mans moms house, (we'd visited them for several hours after picking the Kiddo up from his sleepover). Anyway we're on our way home, and this is (as mentioned) several hours at least after leaving sister in laws house. All of the sudden the Kiddo starts giggling from the back seat. I thought for sure it was due to the ginormous sneeze the man had just done... a couple seconds go by and I hear another burst of giggles. At this point I'm wondering what the heck can be so funny so I perk my ears and listen. I hear the Kiddo say to himself, amongst more hysterical giggles.

"and I was playing with Cory... and I was bopping Cory on the head... and Cory was saying hey who keeps hitting me!"

He told the same story several times, all the while giggling like a loon. I couldn't help but smile, I could see it happening. Cory is his older cousin and he's really very good with the younger kids. I suppose that should show me for teaching the Kiddo the tip toe tip toe little mousy game *snicker.

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