Thursday, July 30, 2009


I read an article this morning about how they now have an Invisible Flash, a flash that doesn't actually flash.

My first thought was: woohoo, I could sneak up on the kiddo and take his picture w/out him knowing about it.

I'm a little unclear on how well the photo would actually turn out though. Sounds like the technology is still very new and needs a bit of work. Still, to me, it's exciting to think where photography is heading in the future.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


When the Man isn't home I deal with spiders on my own, when the Man IS home it's a given that spiders and bugs are his job. He WILL deal with them, I don't care how as long as the end result is that they are out of my house.

Today, just after he got home from work, I saw a spider crawling merrily along on the ceiling. I asked the Man to take care of it. The spider jumped from the ceiling down to a chair, and then from the chair to the floor... of course this is when the Kiddo came running to see what we were doing. I grabbed him and held him back so the Man could find, and dispose of, the spider. The Kiddo thought it was hilarious.

Next thing I know he's got a paper towel of his own and is stalking an imaginary "bug" on the wall. He scoops it up and crumples the paper towel into a ball. He then comes over to me and pushes the paper towel into my pocket.

He very proudly said "I caught the bug, I got him, and I put him in your pocket so he can be safe and and he can never go away again."

Somehow I think he missed the point... ... ...


I found the perfect thing for Lady D's new car. Now if she'd just send me a picture of the car I could post it and you all could see. On the same thought... I found another perfect thing for her as well.

A Flitter Fairy!!

And for those of you who don't give a rats furry behind about my sister or her new wheels ... here's a pic of the kiddo*:

*and if you don't care to see pictures of the Kiddo by now then you're reading the wrong blog.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


**Video to come soon. I'm having trouble uploading it for some reason.

Friday, July 24, 2009

thump thump

Me: will he live?

Kiddo: yeah, but I have to give him a shot first.

What's that you say??

Stop hanging out at the pool and post more?... Probably not gonna happen this week *grin*

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rinse and Repeat

Sometimes the day's seem like they just repeat themselves... we end up doing a lot of the same things with nothing interesting or exciting happening. The good news is that with the Kiddo's nifty orange arm floats he is much more confident in the water. When there is nobody else out there I can actually get out of the pool and sit on a chair soaking in the sun while I watch him swim. aaaaaaah relaxing!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Best thing/ Worst thing

I've been doing a thing with the Kiddo lately where, as I tuck him in, I ask him what the best thing was that happened to him that day was. Then he asks me. Then we talk about the worst things as well.

I'm probably completely off my nut but I feel like doing this helps him remember some of the fun stuff, and helps put the not so fun stuff into perspective. Most of the time he has trouble coming up with something that he thinks counts as "the worst thing".

The other night I tucked him in and handed him his stuffies to cuddle... I asked him what the best thing that happened to him that day was. He said the best thing was getting to go swimming... I asked him to think about the day again because we hadn't gone swimming. So he thought hard, (screwed up his forehead in concentration) and told me going to buy food with mommy was the best thing. Well sweet!! I guess the fact that I occasionally buy a mint paddy on the way through the checkout for him and I to split probably helps with that attitude. (My mom didn't do that very often but every time I grocery shop I think of the times she DID do it and it makes me want to do it too).

So then I asked him what the worst thing was that happened that day. He started laughing like a fool (which is his usual reaction) and sputtered out between giggles that "making a mess" was the worst thing. To which I pointed out that making the mess was the fun part, cleaning UP the mess was the not so fun part. He got serious and said, "yeah, that's true". So I asked him if there wasn't something else that he had been unhappy about with the day?.. .. ..

He started laughing again and said "peeing in my bed last night".

He DID pee in his bed the night before. He got up, turned on the hall and bathroom light, took off all his wet cloths and tried to wash them in the sink and put them in the washer. He then tried to change his sheets but couldn't get the fitted sheet off the bed so came and got me. He was shivering cold and naked when he crawled into bed and whispered in my ear "mommy, I need help, I have to wash the sheets". It's been months since he's had a middle of the night accident, I scooped him up, got him dressed, quick changed his sheets, gave him super snuggles and put him back into bed.

So he was giggling about it as he thought about it, but he was also saying it was the worst part of his day. I choose to believe, because of his actions when he did it, that he didn't think it was funny that he did it... he just thought, a whole day later, as he was laying down to go to sleep, that maybe it wasn't as awful as he thought it was when he was trying to clean it up all on his own cold and wet and tired at 4am.

hmmm could that mean that I'm not so crazy doing this best/worst thing after all?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pixie sticks on steriods

Pixie sticks... with an adult style upgrade...

One of my favorite websites has these little tubes of flavored sugar with a kick... 100mg of caffeine!!!!!

Is it sick and wrong that I really really want to get me a few??

Monday, July 13, 2009

Generational Memories

Just before The Kiddo and I flew down to Az for my little sisters wedding (in February) we got a package from my moms mom in the mail. In her letter she said "your mother had (and still has?) our Nonsense Alphabet records " ... "She should play them for 'the Kiddo'. None of my other grandchildren had them. Surely you know them? One must always have fun things in memories".

I forgot all about it while I was down there, in fact I didn't remember until just now. We got the book in the mail today (Edward Lear: Nonsense Botany and Nonsense Alphabets), my mom sent it.

So we got the book this morning, and now (at 4:30ish) I sit down to finally (because I am a horrible person) write Grandma C back a thank you letter and as I read through the letter she sent I saw that paragraph and though wow, how wonderfully ironic. I feel almost like I passing down generations of memories now.

I'm going to have to save the letter my grandmother sent me, as well as making a note about how my mom remembers this particular version of the alphabet with fond memories, and save both in the front of the book. I think that's the sort of thing he'll really appreciate when he's older (not to mention when he's passing the book, and the memories, on to his own kids.

Moving on

or up, or over, or what not...

This one is for Lady D. Who has been going on and on about CO. Which is a place I'd love to move to if I had the freedom to just move somewhere. It's pretty, and as close to me as AZ is... so she has my blessing ;)

# 1 in the Best Places to Live 2009 list: Louisville, CO

Top 100 rank: 1
Population: 18,800
Typical single-family house: $325,000
Estimated property taxes: $1,590
Unemployment rate: 6.0% (county)
Fun fact: Rail service to Boulder and Denver is scheduled to begin in 2017.
Pluses: Hiking, biking, golfing, skiing…
Minuses: No major negatives (That’s why it’s No. 1!)

But the top reason residents give for moving here? The great outdoors. Louisville is laced with nearly 30 miles of trails, Rocky Mountain National Park is less than an hour away, and eight world-class ski resorts are within two hours. The town's schools are highly rated as well.

Add in dry, clear weather, little crime, good health care, and low taxes, and Louisville is pretty tough to beat.

splish, splash

he wasn't taking a bath... but he WAS swimming. Kicking his little feet and propelling himself across the water in an effective (albeit slow) manner.

He was okay with his goggles, he usually fights em because they don't fit right. Which is understandable. I can't seem to find a pair that is small enough for his little head (i.e. the nose piece is always to wide and pushes the edges of the eye cups into the inside corners of his eyes). I think when we can afford it we will go buy a pair of "snorkel" goggles and see if he likes them better.

One pair of water wings - 4$ (send by Lady D last year)
One pair of bat goggles - 9$ (he only kept them on for 15 minutes)
watching the kid float and try to swim w/out freaking out and clinging to me - priceless!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


For the most part the Kiddo tends to say the correct word for what he means. Yeah sometimes it's a little garbled but it's always been the correct word. Except for maybe a few... So I submit for you a few new additions to the four year olds dictionary:

Fridge: A structure that spans a gap, usually walked or driven over.

Catching: What happens when a baby animal cracks it's way out of an egg.

Gator: That thing other kids run around and shoot each other with when they want to play cops n robbers or soldier.


I am not normally really a tv person. I mean sure there are a few shows I enjoy, but pretty much all of them are not "drop everything and make sure I'm home to watch" kind of shows.

As far as "reality" tv shows go, that's multiplied by 100. All except So You Think You Can Dance. I LOVE that show. Might be due to the fact that I danced for many many years (never was any good at it *sigh*) but it's one show that I will try to make sure I'm home to see.

This seasons group of dancers is really good. I enjoyed the heck out of last nights show.

I'm going to put my three favorite of the dances in here so you can see them. The first is just... well Kupono (the male dancer) gets into the dark characters so well it's creapy. He really embodies the spirit of the dance as well as the steps.

Then there's the pop jazz routine which was SO fun.

And last the tango, which I'm not usually as big of a fan of (don't get me wrong, it's a pretty dance but not really my thing) but I loved it... these two are just amazing. And boy does he have some strength, the lifts look like she's floating and he's doing nothing!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The first week of July is a rather full week for us. My mom has her birthday, as well as the Man sister and nephew! Most every year it works out about the same, I call my mom (this year the kiddo sang her happy birthday) then we pack up the car and head over to the Sis in laws to have a party for her and her son.

The Kiddo definitely loves fireworks. There were a couple extra loud ones where he jumped, and one or two where he ran back to sit on the house steps next to his dad but for the most part he sat on the lawn with the other kids and laughed and clapped. He's asked if we can do fireworks again pretty much nightly since...

I didn't take as many pictures as usual but I did get a few.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Zoo ...

They were all asleep!! I am not kidding either. The Kiddo started out sooo excited about seeing animals. We didn't tell him where we were going until we got there and he wouldn't stop grinning and saying "we're going to see the amimals?? really?? can we see a lion? can we see an elephant?" It was adorable. And then as we started walking through he started to get a little frusterated. By the time we were at the end he was more interested in the "things" then he was the animals because shoot, a sleeping animal is really almost like a statue to a kid that young.

We did see the elephants (they were eating), and the rhinoceroses, who were eating as well. The black bear walked out of his little cave and then right back into it never to be seen from again. The big cats were all sleeping. The monkeys were sleeping or just sitting on their butts. I suppose the zebra's were wandering around so that "exciting". By the time we'd been wandering for an hour the Kiddo was quite a bit less enthused.

Basically it WAS a fun trip, we all really enjoyed it, but it could have been so much better. I'm very glad that we got in for free or I'd have been kicking myself for spending 27 bucks on it. There were three things that really stuck out for the Kiddo... Or more to the point when asked what we did today/saw his three answers were:

1) Rode a train!! (yes we did spend the buck each to ride, I think he'd have killed us otherwise).

2) Saw the Elephants.

3) Saw the Giraffes! (Oh he loooved the giraffes, a kid after his grannies heart I think lol, he would not stop talking about them and just wanted to stay and watch them once we saw them. THEY were awake, and eating and wandering around).

Next time we will do a little research to try and figure out when is best to go so that the animals are more awake. The Man thinks that if we can get out there as soon as they open (9am) we might do better. Anyway here are a few pics for you to enjoy. We got more pictures of him with the statues then we did with the animals (because of the sleeping thing). Click em to big em!

Be excited...

be very very excited... Today is Military Appreciation Day at the Hogle Zoo and we are going to take advantage of it. It will be the Kiddo's very first real visit to the zoo, I've got my camera AND flip video camera ready to go so with luck there will be some fun pictures and amusing stories to tell when we get back. Stay tuned.

I hope the weather holds up.


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