Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Photo Prompt

Todays Photo prompt is Sport: An athletic game or pastime, often competitive, involving physical capability.

I have about two dozen little balls for kicking or throwing or rolling laying around but that seemed too easy. There are also a couple baseball gloves that dont get used much now that we're in an apartment. I considered taking a picture of the laundry basket (all you moms out there HAVE to agree that feels an awful lot like a competition). Then there's chasing after the Kiddo (definitely a physical pastime!). But in the end I thought I'd go to my past a little instead of my present.

My first sport I think was dance. I did ballet for something close to 12 years! This picture was taken 16 years ago. I remember how proud I was, it was the first time I got to wear a tutu in a dance recital, prior to that it had always been skirts. If I remember correctly I was also the momma bird to the little baby birds (the little tiny kids) in their dance.

I did Karate for several as well. My mom got me into the Karate. Yeah, she really is the coolest mom ever, someday I'll tell stories ;)
This is the only picture I could find of me dressed for karate class. I know it's a crappy picture, it was before the days of digital cameras so I think I deserve a little slack (thumb - rookie mistake *shaking head*).

I did a little horseback riding somewhere in there (no photo's of that). But my favorite thing, the thing most people's jaws drop at, is that I have my pilots license. I got it when I was 17, BEFORE I got my drivers license. Right now, granted, it is out of date. Unfortunately flying went onto the back burner when college started. Someday I really hope to get my license current and start flying again. I have some very fond memories of flying, and some funny ones.

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Chris T said...

Wow - flying now that's a serious sport- well done you :)


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