Saturday, January 3, 2009



Teach them to not take us seriously! We scored three touchdowns in the first quarter!! Went into the second quarter 21-3. Course then Alabama got a little burr under their saddle and scored a couple times bringing us to 21-17. But we pulled it back out after half time and won the game 31-17!!

I can't count how many commentaries I heard or read where people said Alabama would win handily... our guys are smaller, but they're also quicker and we have an amazing kicker. Our passing game is good, and our running game isn't to shabby either.

So to all you naysayers out there ne ner ne ner boo boo *doing a white girl dance* It was a great game to watch, and I'm so excited we won (obviously).

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Banshie said...

Sorry don't watch collage ball....... However I will throw in a WOOHOO GO CARDS! They past their first test last Sat. Now they just gotta get past the Panthers. The significant is so excited it's almost all he talks about. Pretty awesome stuff even if you don't watch football all that often.


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