Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Purple Carrots

The Kiddo LOVES his carrots. He eats them like they are candy. Usually I take the lazy way and buy the baby carrots (yes I know, they're just shaped chopped up big carrots) but this past week I decided to mix it up a bit and buy the big ones. He seems to love them even more then he loves the little ones. He totes his big carrot around the house munching on it like bugs bunny. It's a great thing to have a kid who likes his veggies!

I read an article a little while back about calcium enhanced carrots. Purple in color. I did a little google-foo and found that apparently carrots come in all sorts of colors, red, white, yellow, purple... Who knew?! Apparently purple carrots have all the same nutrients found in orange carrots and they also contain anthocyanins which are potent antioxidants.

You can buy seeds for purple carrots (or any of the colors really) off of ebay or amazon for fairly inexpensive. Rather makes me wish I was back in a house with a small garden area so we could try them out.

I've been searching to try and find the original article I read about the genetic altering of the carrots to add the calcium but can't seem to find it. This article is almost as good, it talks about some of the benefits of the modified carrots and some of the risks. Weather you go read the article or not I highly suggest reading the included link which tells how the myth that carrots help eyesight got started. If you don't already know the story, it's interesting reading!

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