Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oink... Oink..

I can't believe I missed this, apparently it's been out there for a month and I'm only JUST reading about it!! If I was a braver person (with a bit more disposable income to use on food) I'd SO try this... That's two pounds of bacon and two pounds of sausage... I can feel my arteries clogging up just looking at the picture!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Apartment Living at it's finest

Over at HS/MS/HS the photo prompt for today is Staircase: A series of steps to facilitate passage from one level to another.

They've got a really amazing shots of a spiral staircase, and a stone staircase that reminds me a great deal of one of Audry Hepburn's movies (Roman Holiday I think). And a shot of escalators, which reminds me of the month I spent in DC keeping the Man company years ago (mass transit woot). The only stairs I can find around here are the lovely austere ones that lead up to our apartment. Hmmm makes you want to just pack up and move here doesn't it?

Wednesday Photo Prompt

Todays word over at HS/MS/HS is Hinge: A device for holding together two parts such that one can swing relative to the other.
Sometimes I rant to myself about being stuck at home when I really want to be able to GO somewhere to take my photo for the day. Other times, like today, I realize that I've got far to many options inside to even need to go outside. My space is so full of hinges it makes my brain hurt. Hinges on doors, cupboards, sunglasses, electronic games, jewelry boxes, head sets.. not to mention on my body [knee, ankle, elbow (cute Kiddo elbow *grin*)] etc etc. But as I thought about it I had an inspiration and I decide to rummage through the Mans things for my shot.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's like they know me

Ready for another random little quiz?

Your International Spy Name is Princess Little
Your Code Name: Timberwolf

You Reside in: Berlin

Why You're a Good Spy: You can talk your way out of anything

What's your International Spy Name??

Timberwolf out... *grin*

h/t Epijunki

Cowboy Chili

I've been trying a few new recipes of late. I'm trying to expand my cooking repertoire while making things that don't involve a bunch of expensive ingredients. My favorite new recipe is one for some really amazing chili. It's quick to make and 90% of the ingredients are pantry food so can be kept on hand till a good chili days rolls around. Chili with a kick plus a sweet cornbread baked on top, quick, easy and delish!

*for those that want it I put the recipe in comments

Tuesday Photo Prompt

I'm so glad I found, and started doing, the HS/MS/HS daily prompts. It's a great way to use some of my creative energy and it doesn't really take that much time to do. I always put a link in my blog to the daily posts so you can go check out everybody elses work, if you don't usually go look then I highly suggest taking a few extra minutes to do so. Today there are some really amazing photo's.

The photo prompt today was, as usual, rather fun for me. I love the challange of finding these things within my space. The prompt is Carve: To cut or chip in order to form something. I've got three shots for this.
My favorite (but I'm biased). We were given this glass frame for a wedding present and I really love the shaping and flow of it.
A stone necklace given to me by my grandma I don't know how many years ago.
A little carved mole that's seen better days. He was in really good condition until I let the Kiddo play with him. Since then he's been knocked around a bit and had at least one bath in the toilet (kids! *sigh*). Needless to say he's been repossessed and now sits high up on my dresser, moles can't swim all that well you know.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Photo Prompt

Todays word prompt over at HS/MS/HS is Discard: To get rid of as useless or undesirable.

I had the instant thought to go take a picture of the 8 pairs of toddler underwear laying on the Kiddo's bathroom floor. For some reason every time he uses the potty he has to get a new pair of unders and he leaves the old pair discarded and forgotten on the bathroom floor. When I went to look though it just didn't make as visually interesting a picture as it does a story. So I took a little trip through the house to see what I could see..
I settled on the pile of stuffed animals fallen off the kiddos bed, discarded sometime during the night and forgotten as soon as he got up this morning. Unneeded in the daylight hours, I feel a little sorry for them.

Horoscope for the year...

Mine says I'm going to be wildly successful, have a stunning awe inspiring career, and meet a tall dark handso... oh um better not post that part, the Man might be reading this.

Go check out yours!

Need a Camera?

I know I could use a new one. The one I have is six years old and no longer exactly top of the line (not that it was to begin with, it was more along the lines of middle of the line). Anyway I stumbled across a contest for a digital camera (which I promptly entered). I know at least one of you would love to win this (lady D) so get your booties over there and enter!

Win a Kodak Digital Camera!!

The Kodak EASYSHARE M893 IS is the perfect digital camera for a family who is on the go. The M893 IS is small enough to fit in your pocket or beach bag without sacrificing any of the quality. The M893 IS shoots photos at 8.1 mega pixels and can produce stunning prints up to 30 x 40 in. That is a lot of high quality family photos!

The M893 IS features:

  • 3X optical zoom lens
  • Image stabilization and blur reduction technology
  • HD still capture
  • Face detection technology that locates faces and automatically adjusts camera settings
  • Large 2.7 inch LCD color display for viewing and showing off your pictures!

The Kodak EASYSHARE M893 IS is available in five stunning colors: silver, black, red, blue, and purple.

Kodak is generously offering an EASYSHARE M893 IS digital camera to one of our lucky readers!

To enter head on over to 5 Minutes of Mom!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

aaaaaand throw it mommie!

My little bro sent us the ladders lawn game for Christmas. It says on the box it can be played indoors as well as out so, with MUCH trepidation on the Mans part, we set it up indoors to check it out. The Man, as mentioned, was concerned about teaching the Kiddo to throw things in the house. I have to agree but these things are too awkward and weirdly balanced for the Kiddo to really be able to throw well so I think we're safe. We all had a really fun time playing the game and I thought I would post a few pictures for everybody to see. My favorite is the double handed throw picture, he squats to try and get more height in his throw.

Sunday S.O.S.

As you've come to expect Sundays over at HS/MS/HS are S.O.S. days and I'm at a complete loss. So I scrounged... this photo is so old it's probably not even legal to use. I took it in highschool, it's my feet and hand colored. Back in the days of film.. I miss using a darkroom, I always thought the developing process was relaxing and exciting waiting for the print to show so you could see what you had.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday and Saturday Photo Prompts

It's Saturday again over at Her Space, My Space, His Space. That means it's S.P.S. time again.
I love self timer on a camera. This was one of the photo's I sent out with my new years cards this year. My baby boy is getting so big *sigh*
The Man will probably kill me for using this photo but I adore it. The Kiddo and Him were both camped out on the couch last night playing games. The Kiddo has in a crossword game (he doesn't actually play the game, he just practices writing his letters) and the Man is playing Tetris. Talk about Father/Son bonding time *chuckle*
Fridays Photo Prompt was Water: A liquid that is essential for plant and animal life.
It lightly rained all morning but in the afternoon the sun started to come out. I love the drops of water caught on the buds of the trees. I looks like spring but it feels like winter brr. This evening the place is coated in fog. I gather it's been that way lately, in the extremely early a.m., I'm just always asleep so I miss it. It was kinda neat to see it settle in so early tonight.

A conversation...

The Kiddo was playing with his cars.

Kiddo: eeeeert

The Man: ert? what's ert?

Kiddo: what?

The Man: You said ert, what does ert mean?

Kiddo: ert? ert means it is disaster!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Photo Prompt

Todays word prompt is Tip: The pointed or rounded end or extremity of something slender or tapering.

I really like this photo. It's my mini rock garden. I have it set up with many little pointy rocks interspersed with some smooth round ones. My sun stone Ganesha is sitting in the garden hopefully helping with lifes obstacles . I used the photo for tip because of the pointy rocks and the rakes. But that might just be testing the limits of the definition given. I feel a little like I'm cheating so took a second photo. I actually like it almost as much.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Photo Prompt

Todays photo prompt is Aroma: A distinctive and typically pleasant smell. The hard part here was picking just one subject... so in the spirit of indulgence I took several.

My first thought is of course coffee. If you've been reading my blog at all you probably expected it. Loaded with chocolate eclair creamer, mmmmm. I think one of the reasons I love coffee so much is for the smell. It reminds me of my grandpa. the smell of pipe smoke and coffee instantly put me in his livingroom; he would smoke, and have his coffee on the side table near his elbow. We would chat while he watched golf.
Second would be perfume. I'm to darn lazy to pull out my fancy glass perfume bottles (the kind you buy empty and then fill, if you don't care that your perfume will evaporate). I do have my sparkling perfumed powder sitting in my dresser drawer though so I tried to get a shot of it. It smells wonderfully of Lavender and Chamomile and I rather like how the textures came through.
Just to cover my basis (as the Man dislikes the smell of coffee AND lavender so he'd argue the "pleasant smell" portion of the definition in my photo's). I took a couple shots of my pumpkin spice oil candle. The first shot before the wax melted; the difference between the hard candle wax and the fluidness of the oil wax create a nice contrast.
The second after both were liquid. The glow of a fire always adds a warmth to a photo. I can almost feel the heat off the metal and this time of year the smell of spice candles keeps the home warm whether it's cold outside or not.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday and Tuesday Photo Prompts

Todays Photo prompt is Fruit: A sweet and fleshy product of a tree or plant.

Originally I took a photo of some candied cherries. mmmm. But then as I made breakfast I realized there was an unintended theme running, Black Cherry Struesel creamer and a Cashew cherry granola bar. I thought they looked rather cheery sitting on the counter together and went for the shot.
Mondays photo prompt was Instruct: To provide with information, to teach or give instructions to.

If you've been reading my Blog for any length of time you'll probably recognize the photo. I wanted to get a shot of the Man showing the Kiddo how to do jigsaw puzzles (they've been doing them online together all weekend) but the day was busy and I didn't get the oportunity. Don't get the idea that I let the computer teach the kiddo, it's more correct to say I let the computer reinforce the things that I have taught him* ;)

*I love the starfall site for alphabet and early reading instruction. It's extreamly easy for little hands and little minds to use.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Football Sunday

The game is seconds away from starting. Good luck Cardinals!!

**edited to add: Eagles 25 - Cards 32!! It was an "easy" first half, but man I was on the edge of the couch for most of the second (the Eagles scored two touchdowns in the third quarter). Good game, I'm looking forward to the Superbowl!

Sunday S.O.S.

Sundays over at HS/MS/HS are S.O.S. (show off sunday)... between the sick kid and the Cardinals game today I don't really have time to go take a new picture for the prompt. Instead I quickly browsed my photo's from recent months.One lone goose wandering in the snow. Usually in the winter they hang out in groups at the golf course across the street. This one apparently needed some "me time"

Saturday, January 17, 2009


As I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday we went to the car show. I love to window shop cars. It's fun to pretend and imagine what kind of car we'd get if we could afford to get a new one. We looked at everything! I think we were there for four hours. We jumped into every car we even kinda liked. The Kiddo told us when he saw one HE liked and we let him sit in it (supervised of course, we aren't "that" type of parent).

Kevin fell in love with the new Ford Truck (the Raptor). And I looked hard at all the SUV's. In a perfect world I like the four wheel drive and room of an SUV. I mean if you live in a place that snows and gets mucky you need the power and if you tend to end up with big dogs (I see a rottie in our future) then a big cargo area is a must. I liked the Jeep Rubicon and the Toyota 4Runner. I think I really liked best the Saturn Outlook because the third row of seats folds down completely flat (since we'd rarely use it). Anyway enough of my boring rambling, I can't figure out how to embed the video so you'll have to follow the link (click the photo).

Friday, January 16, 2009

Saturday S.P.S.

As you know (or don't know) Saturdays photo prompts at HS/MS/HS are S.P.S. (someones portrait Saturday).
The kiddo randomly had a fever yesterday evening. We went to a car show during the day (I'll blog about that separately), and just before we were finished he hit a wall. Three minutes into the car ride home he was out cold (he doesn't ever nap in the car anymore). We got home and his temperature was a slightly alarming 102.0. Four hours later (and one photo) the fever has broken and he is saying to us "sleep? What you're kidding right? but I feel better!"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday Photo Prompt

The photo prompt for today is Square: A geometric shape with four equal sides.

Lets see my telephones buttons are square, my calculators buttons are square, the screen of my camera is square (and my video camera for that matter). My kiddo's blocks are square, my scentsy cubes are square... all of which take VERY boring photos. So (unless/until something better comes along) here is my submissions (yes there are two).
First a square of square glass pebbles.
(redundency is key *chuckle*)

Then the square game board with squares. Chutes and Ladders anyone? weeeee

... *big sigh*

This afternoon I tried on the dress I'm planning to wear to my little sisters wedding when the kiddo came running in...

Kiddo: Hi mommy whatcha dooing?

Me: I'm getting dressed honey.

Kiddo: Are you a girl?

Thursday photo prompt

Todays photo prompt is Jolly: Merry, full of fun, delightful and enjoyable.
I thought about it for a couple hours before I came up with a subject. The Kiddo is really just too easy a solution for this, and I'm trying to stretch myself so I'm avoiding the "easy" whenever possible. So I wandered the house, gave up, and plunked myself down on the bed to stewed... grabbed my favorite stuffy... and the light bulb went off. How can you look at a neon green stuffed beer and not smile?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

aah ahahahahaha

ahem... just go read this.

Wednesday Photo Prompt

Todays Photo prompt is Sport: An athletic game or pastime, often competitive, involving physical capability.

I have about two dozen little balls for kicking or throwing or rolling laying around but that seemed too easy. There are also a couple baseball gloves that dont get used much now that we're in an apartment. I considered taking a picture of the laundry basket (all you moms out there HAVE to agree that feels an awful lot like a competition). Then there's chasing after the Kiddo (definitely a physical pastime!). But in the end I thought I'd go to my past a little instead of my present.

My first sport I think was dance. I did ballet for something close to 12 years! This picture was taken 16 years ago. I remember how proud I was, it was the first time I got to wear a tutu in a dance recital, prior to that it had always been skirts. If I remember correctly I was also the momma bird to the little baby birds (the little tiny kids) in their dance.

I did Karate for several as well. My mom got me into the Karate. Yeah, she really is the coolest mom ever, someday I'll tell stories ;)
This is the only picture I could find of me dressed for karate class. I know it's a crappy picture, it was before the days of digital cameras so I think I deserve a little slack (thumb - rookie mistake *shaking head*).

I did a little horseback riding somewhere in there (no photo's of that). But my favorite thing, the thing most people's jaws drop at, is that I have my pilots license. I got it when I was 17, BEFORE I got my drivers license. Right now, granted, it is out of date. Unfortunately flying went onto the back burner when college started. Someday I really hope to get my license current and start flying again. I have some very fond memories of flying, and some funny ones.

Four Weddings..... and a Funeral

My little sister is getting married next month. Nothing makes a person feel older, or more pressure to be grown up, then realizing that your little sis (the one you subconsciously still think of as 12) is grown up enough to get married. Heck she's now in her mid 20's!! (which can cause some serious bruising to the behind when you sit down in shock realizing, holy criminy I'm in my 30's!!).

More to the point of this blog thought - The Kiddo was born four years ago (Feb), and by his birthday this year I'll have been to my fourth wedding in as many years! Yes folks, that's pretty much a wedding a year. One at the end of Dec 05 (he was just shy of one year and he came with). The second the end of Jan '06 (I left the kiddo home with his grannie for that one). We skipped 16 months and the next was the summer of 08. And now, the end of Feb '09.

The Man has somehow managed to miss every single one of these weddings! I submit for your consideration that this as a good reason to have a well behaved kid, at least you always have a date to your friends weddings. He has worn a suit to every wedding I've taken him too from the first... To the last (you'll just have to wait for that photo.. as you can see he's got some really killer duds!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tuesday Photo Prompt

Todays Photo prompt from HS/MS/HS is:

Handle: To touch, hold or move with the hand or a part of anything designed to be held or grasped by the hand.

I have a dozen handles around here, from letter openers to doorknobs to coffee mugs. But I managed to narrow it down to just a couple shots.
Speaking of mugs... here's the unique handle to one of the Man's Navy steins. Anchors away! (hehe)

And then, simply because I love pretty things and couldn't resist the shot... how about the handle to a crystal bell my grandmother gave me. It's kept high up on a shelf so the kiddo wont destroy it. Every now and then I pull it down to give it a little ring. The kiddo says it sounds like fairies music.

Monday Photo Prompt

I missed several days worth of Photo prompts last week. I'm going to try and catch up at some point, but I didn't want that to hold up this weeks photo's while waiting to get that done so here we go:

Technology: The application of mechanical or scientifics for industrial or commercial use.Aside from my computer and my camera the one piece of technology I don't know if I could live without is my coffee maker!! I love LOVE my Tassimo. I bought it for myself years and years ago (when the Man was off on one of his work trips) and very rarely since then have I wished I had a multiple cup machine. I'm a bear in the morning without my cup of coffee and chocolate eclair creamer mmmmm *blissful sigh*

The pitfalls of boo boo's

I was in the kitchen minding my own business when I heard a thump come from down the hall. Then I heard an "ow" and the kiddo came down the hall at a run fake crying* and grabbing his butt.

So I knelt down and asked him if he hurt himself, and what happened.

He told me that he fell, and it hurt his bum. He then proceeded to pull off his drawers. I quickly hid a giggle (oh come on, you'd laugh too) and asked him what on earth he was doing. He looked at me like I was a complete idiot and turned, pointed his little pink butt at me and said "well maybe you should kiss my butt... maybe you should kiss it better."

I said I am NOT kissing your butt kid, you'll have to get over this one on your own. He humphed at me and walked off (without his drawers).

*I have no idea why he does the fake cry thing. He only does it when something hurts enough to need a little love but not enough to actually get upset over. Ironically when it hurts enough for real tears we usually don't see any at all.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

of Boats

Pirates... and .... Karma.

Ink Blott

Quick, tell me what you see? (be forewarned if you say "a dirty fridge" you might get kicked).

The other day the Kiddo was playing with his fridge letters (we did good with that Christmas gift "patting self on back*)

First the kiddo made a smiley face... he was very very proud of his smiley face (I was pretty impressed with the color coordination of it). He showed it to me, then he dragged the Man bodily into the kitchen so he could see it too. He talked to it, and laughed to himself over his own genius. .. ..

Then apparently we stopped paying enough attention because he decided he needed to go one better. He made himself. I know you can see... ... look harder... ... er um unfocus your eyes a little if it helps... ah there you go, the stick figure, you see it? Yep, that's him! Take a gander and be in awe of the creativity that is the Kiddo. He told us flat out that it was supposed to be him, it is his first self portrait. The question is, do I be proud of his skills (love LOVE the little blue feet) or should I be a little scared of the fact that it's HIM and not somebody else he did his first portrait of?

Wolf Moon

Well folks it's that time again... tonight (that would be Saturday January 10th for those of you who can't keep track) our moon will look the biggest of all 2009. Step outside this evening, closer to moon rise (i.e. sunset) and take a look, say the obligatory ooooooo it's purty, and then go back inside where it's warm before you catch pneumonia* you crazy nut.

It seems like we just did this a month or so ago for 2008. I didn't post about it, I know I didnt' because I distinctly remember pointing the moon out to the Man while we were driving home from somewhere and then thinking "oh crap I forgot to post". Needless to say I'm attempting to avoid getting the guilts by letting you know.

End up public service announcement.

*if you do catch a sickness I take absolutely no responsbility, you should have warn a coat doofus

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday photo prompt

Todays HS/MS/HS photo prompt is Sphere: A round, ball shaped object. I've got a couple shots for this prompt.

First is my clacky balls. The Kiddo LOVES to play with these and every single time, inevitably, he gets them tangled up. It was the first thing I thought of for spheres.
And second is a photo of a world paperweight that was my dads at some point. I can't really remember how it came to be in my possession but it is. I love the thing, it's the coolest nick-nack ever. Of course I've had it put away for the past several years. The last thing I need is a toddler chucking it at me because he wants to play catch and isn't thinking about the difference between a soft bouncy ball and a solid heavy concussion inducing glass "ball".

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Purple Carrots

The Kiddo LOVES his carrots. He eats them like they are candy. Usually I take the lazy way and buy the baby carrots (yes I know, they're just shaped chopped up big carrots) but this past week I decided to mix it up a bit and buy the big ones. He seems to love them even more then he loves the little ones. He totes his big carrot around the house munching on it like bugs bunny. It's a great thing to have a kid who likes his veggies!

I read an article a little while back about calcium enhanced carrots. Purple in color. I did a little google-foo and found that apparently carrots come in all sorts of colors, red, white, yellow, purple... Who knew?! Apparently purple carrots have all the same nutrients found in orange carrots and they also contain anthocyanins which are potent antioxidants.

You can buy seeds for purple carrots (or any of the colors really) off of ebay or amazon for fairly inexpensive. Rather makes me wish I was back in a house with a small garden area so we could try them out.

I've been searching to try and find the original article I read about the genetic altering of the carrots to add the calcium but can't seem to find it. This article is almost as good, it talks about some of the benefits of the modified carrots and some of the risks. Weather you go read the article or not I highly suggest reading the included link which tells how the myth that carrots help eyesight got started. If you don't already know the story, it's interesting reading!


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