Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Four Weddings..... and a Funeral

My little sister is getting married next month. Nothing makes a person feel older, or more pressure to be grown up, then realizing that your little sis (the one you subconsciously still think of as 12) is grown up enough to get married. Heck she's now in her mid 20's!! (which can cause some serious bruising to the behind when you sit down in shock realizing, holy criminy I'm in my 30's!!).

More to the point of this blog thought - The Kiddo was born four years ago (Feb), and by his birthday this year I'll have been to my fourth wedding in as many years! Yes folks, that's pretty much a wedding a year. One at the end of Dec 05 (he was just shy of one year and he came with). The second the end of Jan '06 (I left the kiddo home with his grannie for that one). We skipped 16 months and the next was the summer of 08. And now, the end of Feb '09.

The Man has somehow managed to miss every single one of these weddings! I submit for your consideration that this as a good reason to have a well behaved kid, at least you always have a date to your friends weddings. He has worn a suit to every wedding I've taken him too from the first... To the last (you'll just have to wait for that photo.. as you can see he's got some really killer duds!)

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