Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The Man was given the flu vaccine this past Saturday by the Navy. He got the mist form (which he's never had before) and haaated it. The next evening he got sick. He's been progressively worse each day till this morning when he said he finally feels like he's past the worst of it.

I've never been a flu vaccine kind of person, I don't see the need to get one since I'm pretty good about washing my hands or using a bit of hand sanitizer. So far I've been the same with the Kiddo, he's at home most of the days anyway so why bother. Not to mention he has a very good track record of rarely being "flu" sick, and when he is it rarely lasts for more then 12 hours.

Then comes this year with the new Adrenal Insufficiency (AI) diagnosis. And the H1N1 crap going around. I called our endocrinologist and talked to the nurse... she says (as if I'm a complete idiot) well of course get him the vaccine! To which I replied, well see we never do so it would be a first, the Man has a history of any flu shot making him sick, AND the kid has the AI which makes me concerned about putting a virus into his system that might make him sick.

She says, oh well still you need to get him the vaccine just be sure to get the shot NOT the mist... it's better to get the shot and maybe get sick then it is to spend the whole season worried that he will.

So now we wait... we wait for the shot version to come out, and then we go find somebody to give it to him. We cross our fingers it doesn't make him sick, and then we cross our fingers that it does its job and keeps him from getting sick.

Ironically the shot version of the vaccine is not available for us until AFTER our trip (through airports and airplanes) to AZ this coming week. Good thing I have good travel sized hand sanitizer!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I think a couple of my family members will be interested in this. The military is switching over to new Digi uniforms. The Navy color is going more navy angled (blue/gray/black) vs the green woodland pattern.

The Man got his issue this past weekend and I got to see them, I kinda love em. Very sharp looking. He only got the bottoms so we'll have to wait to see them on him though *grumble*

Still he did me a favor and dug around the internet to find me a picture to share. The one you want to look at is the Dominant Blue option there on the left. I even like the turtle neck there. And you can't beat a black shirt and no-shine boots!!

we have spirit..

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I've been on hold this morning for 60+ minutes so far, the few times I actually get to talk to a person they transferred me to another person or a disconnected number.

The quick version of why I am on hold is this..: The Man got a raise, like good little citizens trying to move up in the world we took the raise and reported it to the state. The state took the Kiddo's medicaid because we now "make to much" to qualify for it. All that was back at the end of August. For all of September we worked with them trying to get the kiddo's application for the next step up state insurance processed. There was one single form, more of a formality then anything else (since they already had the info), and at this point it's been very nearly a full month since faxing in the form and we haven't heard a word. I call weekly and they keep telling me to give them a few more days and call back. So the kiddo doesn't have insurance this month, till they get it worked out. I'm a little freaked out. That's the short version of the long story.

On the good news side of things the hypothyroid medication is only 13 bucks for a 30 day supply.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things to come...

Just a little taste of what is to come, (since the Kiddo wont take it off).


My friend Amy showed me this site today and I absolutely LOVE it. I can't believe I didn't know about it before. I do enjoy getting out of the house to do my grocery shopping but I always ALWAYS forget the little things, the household crap that doesn't fall into the food category.

So this site,, lets you create a list of the things you use in the house (like toilet paper, dish soap, deodorant etc) and then it finds coupons for the items FOR YOU. Then you can purchase them through the site and get free shipping. The prices are actually really great, I'm excited. I just did my shopping but I as I mentioned I always forget things (this time it was storage bags, excedrin, and shampoo for the Man) so I'll probably be making my first purchase very soon.


For the Man, a little fast stick work that left me highly impressed.

Monday, October 12, 2009


His second 48 piece puzzle, done today (the Man likes to challenge him apparently). I took a screen shot of the end result and time ... much faster then the last one, maybe water was easier?


When visiting AZ this a couple weeks ago the Kiddo was introduced, by his Grannie, to puzzles online. He does very well and I am pretty impressed with his ability to focus. After we came back to Utah he told his Grandma all about it. She of course is a puzzle maniac and had not realized they could be done online soooo we set her up to go, she was up till well after 1am that first day.

Yesterday I was getting ready to go out and grocery shop, to keep the Kiddo out of my hair I sat him down to do a puzzle. Somewhere between me stepping into the shower and being ready to go the Man decided to test the Kiddo's puzzle skills. The following two videos illustrate his ability to not only concentrate, but to stick to it till it's done... no matter how long it takes*

*he was so tired of doing it by the end, I let him do a 6 piece before we left so he'd feel super good about how quick he can do a puzzle too.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Deja Vous

I think we've been here before...

*deep breath*

Okay with my day already ruined by actually looking at the news (see prior post) I figured I better buckle down hard and find something actually entertaining to read.

Guess what, NASA is bombing the moon!! And the most entertaining part of it all is the dumba... er I mean the oh so bright people that didn't read the article well enough to figure out that they aren't using an actual BOMB to do it.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, what oh WHAT will happen if that bomb does something unexpected and splits the moon into pieces that crash to earth and kill us all??!!! The apocalypse is now, and apparently caused by NASA.

Ah yes it's a good time to be alive...

One thing..

You have GOT to be kidding me!!! Since when do people win these things on the PROMISE of doing something vs the actual DOING.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Upgrades?.. woot

I may have mentioned once or twice my dream wish to own a kindle. Yesterday I randomly went to Amazon to drool over it and saw that the price had dropped by 40 bucks!! I threw a mini tantrum thinking that it was one of their quick sale moments and dang if I wasn't in any sort of position to take advantage of it (not that I would be any time soon but I don't have to be logical about these things you know).

A couple hours after that stellar adult moment, I read an article saying that this month Amazon is coming out with a global version of the Kindle!! I don't need a global version, I'm not really all that worldly of a traveler, buuuut if it makes the price of the non global version go down I'll cheerfully do a happy dance for it. Plus it's kinda a cool concept and I do know at least once person who travels outside of the US constantly...

Back from sabbatical...

To be honest I was back a few days ago, but I've felt a little overwhelmed with the beginning of the month things that needed doing and that's why I hadn't posted. Now, however, most of those things are complete so I should be back to posting regularly again.

My trip south was wonderful. Busy as heck, and my brain hurts from all the thinking I did, but we made some really good progress with planning Lady D's wedding.

The Kiddo had an amazing time. It seems like Uncle T played with him almost non stop and he really loved it. Not to mention Uncle C let him play his drums!!

We head back in two weeks and the Kiddo is very excited to see everybody again. I am looking forward to it as well, I love my family and if there was any way that I could excuse an expensive move back south I'd do it.


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