Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wolf Moon

Well folks it's that time again... tonight (that would be Saturday January 10th for those of you who can't keep track) our moon will look the biggest of all 2009. Step outside this evening, closer to moon rise (i.e. sunset) and take a look, say the obligatory ooooooo it's purty, and then go back inside where it's warm before you catch pneumonia* you crazy nut.

It seems like we just did this a month or so ago for 2008. I didn't post about it, I know I didnt' because I distinctly remember pointing the moon out to the Man while we were driving home from somewhere and then thinking "oh crap I forgot to post". Needless to say I'm attempting to avoid getting the guilts by letting you know.

End up public service announcement.

*if you do catch a sickness I take absolutely no responsbility, you should have warn a coat doofus

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