Thursday, January 28, 2010

Todays Randomness

It's Thursday, there are only a couple days left in this month. I STILL do not have my W2 from the temp job I worked last year at the tax commission. I would have thought that a state job would have gotten me my state W2 a lot quicker then this. I'm starting to worry that maybe for some reason it isn't coming and I'm going to have to figure out who to call to find it. That would really make my month!

I've read two books on my Nook. I've decided to call it my Nook Book. I didn't really want a NAME name, but nook sounds so silly and every time I call it that I think of Dr Suiss soooo I might as well call it something that relates to that. I think the only real problem I have with the thing so far is that I'm maybe reading a little TOO much.

The weather is really nice today. No snow, 41 degrees. I'm thinking it's almost nice enough that I'd be willing to take the Kiddo outside to play... almost.. ..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My NOOK has landed

For the entire last month I've been feeling a little twitchy that I spent as much as I did on something for myself (gift money non withstanding). I hoped and hoped that when my Nook finally got here I would feel better about it.

As of yesterday it's here, finally!! I'm really happy with it so far. I fully charged it before playing with it, and was able to figure out how to do pretty much everything I needed. I put on a screen protector, and a skin, and put it directly into a cover. In the evening I was able to finish up the book I had been reading on the computer... and it was quite a bit easier on the eyes and back to do :)

I even transferred the medical files I have (explaining different things with the Kiddo's conditions) to it so that I will be a bit more likely to actually read them through from start to finish (vs skimming).

Today I have already spent about 30 minutes with a cup of tea reading (while the Kiddo watched his morning show) and my big goal for the day isI plan to figure out how to check out books from the library with it (I am so excited you can do that). I have 12 books on it (all free) and have a feeling I'll be reading far more free or checked out books then purchased ones.

I keep thinking I should name the thing... ideas?

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The other day on one of the Kiddos cartoon shows they did a story about the tooth fairy. It was a cute story, about how the little boy didn't want her to take his tooth because he didn't know what she was going to do with it. So the characters went to the tooth fairy castle and she explained that she turns teeth into magic dust that gives kids happy dreams. Or something like that.

That afternoon the Kiddo, of course, played a game where him and his stuffy friends were taking a trip to see the tooth fairy. But he needed a sign to say where the castle was. He asked me to write one and I told him that if he needed a sign maybe he should write his own. We got out his crayons and a piece of paper and he asked me how to "write it"

I thought it was a great time to test him on his letters. As you know by now, he knows them all and can write them all easily (given a reference sheet to copy from). I wondered if he would know them and be able to write them without that reference sheet. So I spelled "tooth fairy" out one letter at a time but did not tell him (or show him) what the letter looked like. He surprised me, and was able to write them all. He is such a smart little guy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesterday the Kiddo and I watched a movie together. I knew the movie had a sad ending. I had been warned. But I thought enough years had gone by that I would be able to watch it and enjoy it anyway. I loved the first 3/4's of the movie, it was cute and make me smile and laugh. The last quarter was harder. I mean it was good as far as the movie went, but for ME it was far to emotional. It's been three years since we put Xena down. She was old, had lived a wonderful life, and was ready to go. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done.

The Kiddo loved the movie, he asked me if we could get a dog like Marley and he ran around the apartment playing puppy. He asked me this morning if we could watch it again (I am doing my best to block it out as I type this).

As for me, I wish I had never watched the movie, as good as it was. We miss you Xena.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cold and dry

It's January, ... almost February at that. I should be knee deep in snow. This year I can think of only one actual snowstorm happening. Of course we've had a few tiny ones as well, but the fact that the Kiddo has only worn his snow pants ONCE is a little pathetic. I dislike looking out the window and seeing brown grass in the winter... I should be seeing snow, and growling about the noise of the snow blowers as the maintenance guys clear the sidewalks in the early am. Instead I'm paying a ridiculous power bill for just dealing with COLD. There should be no cold without snow. Is it a wonder I'm cranky??

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Or creepy, you decide..

My vote is super creepy!! *yawn*

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Driving me..

The Kiddo is driving me crazy. It's my own fault though, well mine and the Mans. See, we took him to the Car Expo again this year (this is year three, it's pretty much a yearly tradition now). And they had a Camaro all decked out like Bumblebee. The Kiddo fell in love, he sat in it and glowed with excitment. He looked everywhere trying to find the button to help the car turn into a robot. The whole time while we looked at the other cars he kept asking when we were going back to get bumblebee.
We let him sit in it one more time before leaving. As we were driving home we heard his little paniced voice from the back seat: "wait! We forgot... we have to go back. We have to go buy my Bumblebee so we can take him home with us!!" I told him that we couldn't buy bumblebee, he cost far more money then we have and he would have to stay back there with the other cars for now. The kiddo responded with a very serious "but daddy has lots of money, daddy can buy him for me". Children... ... *sigh*
In the Ford section of the floor they had the Ford Raptor truck (the Mans dream truck). Last year he saw it and really really liked it, but it was roped off and he couldn't sit in it. This year they had it open to play in. Him and the Kiddo both got in and checked it out.

Just outside of the truck they had an offroad driving simulator. The Kiddo thought surely I'd let him have a turn. I told him he was way to little and they wouldn't let him. He argued. I argued back. Finally he says to me: "well I have an idea then, we can share! You can sit and reach the pedals and I will steer. They HAVE to let us do that, because we can be big enough together". I love him, he thinks outside the box and it makes me giggle. But I still had to tell him no. He was sad for a half second then said "well then I will grow big like daddy and we can come back and then I can drive it".

We, of course, sat in the Dodge Charger. The Kiddo calls it "mommies car". He even let me sit in it by myself. I do love that car. It's rediculously impractical and expensive but hopefully someday I will own one.
And the last picture I'll share is this one of the Kiddo and I in the Dodge Challenger. It's the Mans other dream car and I don't think I'd mind all that terribly if he got it. It is a VERY cool car and feels great to be in. I can only imagine driving the thing *wistful sigh*

Friday, January 15, 2010

Make your bed...

I went into the Kiddos room last night to check and make sure everything was cleaned up. It was, he had done a decent job. As I looked around though I noticed something...

See it? He labeled his bed! I was so impressed that I ran and got to Man so I could show him (and the camera so I could show you guys).

Laughter is the best medicine

The other day...

Kiddo: Mom, can I have a peanut butter sandwich?

Me: Of course, will you get out the jelly for me?

Kiddo: Nah, how about a peanut butter and KETCHUP sandwhich!!

Me: wait what?? NO, eeww, that's gross!

Kiddo (laughing so hard he can hardly speak): oh, I was just kidding, it's a KID joke!!

So here is what I want to know, where did he learn about KID jokes... I'm going to place the blame on his cousin. I've never heard her tell a joke like that (only knock knock jokes) and she has never said "it's a kid joke" she just tells them and then moves on, but still where else?


and a few more quote gems for you:

* I had just given the Kiddo a special treat and was telling him that I am the most amazing mommie there is and there are no other mommies like me out there. He, of course, argued. He said "there IS another mommie out there just like you!" Of course I was a little taken back so demanded to know who. He said "Um, Auntie D".

* Yesterday several times he said to me "Mom, I wish we could buy a machine that could make me small so we could put me into the computer and I could be superman."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Learning to add

One of the games the Kiddo has for his cyber pocket (hand held game system) is actually a little bit to old for him. I say this because in one of the sections it has math problems which must be solved in order to advance. So I figured, well why not try to teach the kiddo math? Today was day one in this endeavor...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

smart? or smarty pants!

The Kiddo's uncle gave him the Handy Manny game for his cyber pocket (hand held game system). He plays that game a lot, it's his current favorite. Though I don't think he's played it for a couple days. Anyway today the Kiddo was playing with his tools (his Grandma gave him a black and decker tool bench with all the tools). He was trying to play Handy Manny and couldn't remember the correct name for the wrench.

He asked me but I couldn't remember (yeah I try really hard to tune that stuff out *chuckle*). So he says to me "hmmm well lets find out then" and he ran to the livingroom and found his game, he plugged in the Handy Manny cartridge, turned it on, and flipped through to the game that features the wrench. He played it for a couple seconds until they said the wrenches name and then looked up with a beaming grin "oh, his name is rusty!, that's right"... then he turns it off and goes back to playing with his tools.

How smart is he!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

th goes thhhh

The Kiddo is getting pretty impressive with his letters. Of course he can't remember how to write one w/out seeing one to copy, but still it's pretty good I think. I have NO idea what I'm going to do about Kindergarten this coming year. I wanted to hold him back a year but with how smart he is I really just don't know anymore...

As a side note... my cough is getting better slowly. And my positive thought about it all is this: coughing is a great workout for the stomach muscles. (ow)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good Morning

It's 10:30pm, but I doubt any of you are reading this before Thursday morning... so while it's not exactly morning I'm saying it anyway. The Man has a rough week schedule wise, so I'm sleeping on the couch to keep my coughing from keeping him awake. He needs his sleep so he doesn't punch his boss IF he ever actually sees him.

The Kiddo is making me laugh every day. Usually in the morning he asks to watch Super Why (a kids cartoon on pbs) and I let him because it gives his medication time to work before he eats. But this morning he came to me and woke me up by asking if he could play his vtech game system instead. Actually, what he said was: "mom, wake up, the sun is up mom, it's time to wake up, and I want to play my game mom, not watch tv, but play my game. So can I play my game?"

Yeah I think we're geniuses for buying him that game system, and at the same time I feel guilty that my four year old is playing games like that.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

aaand it's Tuesday

Slow posting week, slow anything week really... Sometimes I really wish I had magic medication like the Kiddo does. I mean shoot there he was, looking like he was deathbed sick last week. I gave him the extra doses of his medication and voila next day he's running around good as new. Me, I get a nasty head cold and it just sticks and sticks and sticks... nothing is shaking it!

Anyway I've been trying to rest while taking care of the kiddo. I haven't had a day to sleep in (the Man's schedule is so screwy that there isn't a day when I can make him get up early without feeling guilty) and I'm just trudging along waiting for things to clear up.

I will make a better effort though to be connected. Starting with this story... The other night I let the kiddo have a special movie night. I gave him his water jug and some cracker snacks, and put the dvd player the Mans mom gave us inside his tent. The kiddo told me I had to turn off all the lights for it, which I did. about 10 minutes into the movie I peeked inside the top of the tent and asked him how he was doing in there. His response, "you have to leave the lights off and leave me alone mom, don't bother me till my movie is all done".

Shaking in our...

Apparently there was an earthquake last night. It was a small one (2.9) and south of us far enough that we didn't feel anything. Still it makes me wonder, I think that's the second one in a month (there was another small one, a 2.3, out in Magna Dec 23rd).

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