Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ink Blott

Quick, tell me what you see? (be forewarned if you say "a dirty fridge" you might get kicked).

The other day the Kiddo was playing with his fridge letters (we did good with that Christmas gift "patting self on back*)

First the kiddo made a smiley face... he was very very proud of his smiley face (I was pretty impressed with the color coordination of it). He showed it to me, then he dragged the Man bodily into the kitchen so he could see it too. He talked to it, and laughed to himself over his own genius. .. ..

Then apparently we stopped paying enough attention because he decided he needed to go one better. He made himself. I know you can see... ... look harder... ... er um unfocus your eyes a little if it helps... ah there you go, the stick figure, you see it? Yep, that's him! Take a gander and be in awe of the creativity that is the Kiddo. He told us flat out that it was supposed to be him, it is his first self portrait. The question is, do I be proud of his skills (love LOVE the little blue feet) or should I be a little scared of the fact that it's HIM and not somebody else he did his first portrait of?

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