Wednesday, December 31, 2008

nifty newness

My old phone worked fine... really... I mean just because I couldn't always hear the person on the other end wasn't a big issue... unless you were said person, in which case you probably only knew I couldn't hear you if you really paid attention...

Anyway Lady D got sick of me saying "say that again, I didn't hear you".. that or she got sick of hoping I wasn't faking hearing her. I suppose that could make you paranoid, knowing that the other person had only a 50% chance of hearing what you're saying and that they wouldn't always admit it to you when they didn't.

So, she sent me and the Man a new phone for Christmas. Some might say it's a self serving gift... (saving her sanity etc). I say it's a blessing!! I'm so excited to have a new phone. And apparently she listened every time I b*tched and moaned about my current phone and all the features I would want a new phone to have if I were to ever win the lotto and go buy myself one. It had to have speaker phone in the hand sets (not just the base unit). And it had to have intercom capabilities so that two phones could be used at once on the same phone call. Cordless, with a phone book feature, and answering machine. She went above and beyond and got me one where the ringer volume can be adjusted, plus the ringer can be a song not just a boring ring (helps with the stress level when it's Mozart and not the obnoxious "ring ring ring" sound). AND it's expandable so when I do someday win the big pot of gold and buy the 4 bedroom mansion I can purchase two more handsets and have one for every room. Nifty cool eh?

So don't mind the clutter, and check out the phone. It's hooked up to my wonderful fabulous Beamer video phone which I adore and don't get to use often enough. It's beautiful and silver and I adore it.

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