Tuesday, November 30, 2010


No real post this afternoon. Instead I spent a bit writing my Grandma an email/letter. I am proud to say that I have, so far, achieved my two letters a week goal. I'm hoping the pictures I send aren't draining her printer ink too quickly.

But I do have a quick story to tell..

The Kiddo woke up late this morning, around 10. He ran to me, gave me a hug and immediately asked where we were going to go today after school. I told him that I didn't have any plans to go anywhere.

Him: But we have to go somewhere, we have to take a trip..

Me: A trip? Where do you want to go?

Him: To Arizona to see Grannie, and have Christmas.

Me: Well we can't go see Grannie today, Christmas isn't for four more weeks AND you have school...

Him: Oh, well can we take the trip in four weeks then?

Me: uh, probably not... it costs a lot to travel that far you know. What would you do with Grannie anyway?

Him: I had a dream that I was driving with her. You know on that game with the steering wheel, and I was winning!!

So there you have it folks. The Kiddo is dreaming about visiting Arizona so he can play on the Nintendo Wii with his Grannie and beat her at mario cart. He's got lofty aspirations for a five year old.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Finding Spirit

This year the Kiddo is really into Christmas. He’s been talking about it for over a month and asking me over and over again when we will be putting up our tree. So, since I’ve been a little grinch’y, I thought I’d go ahead and get the decorating done. That way the Kiddo is happy and hopefully I find a little holiday spirit.


So, I put up some tinsel on the railing outside the front door, a wreath, a Santa and an angel.


Put the mini trees, lights, and tinsel on the balcony. Then I spent several minutes staring at it wishing for snowflakes to hang from the roof. I planned to get some last year but never had the extra cash, maybe this year…


While I put up the indoor tree the Kiddo put together his bedroom tree. He really loves that he gets one of his “own”. He put it on the dresser next to his bed, along with his Santa tree house. He also got to pull out for his bed, his little soldier dog that grannie gave him a couple years ago.


This weekend is the Christmas Tree Festival. I think we are going to try to go, it’s 15 bucks for the family but I think it’ll be worth the cost. Then next weekend (hopefully Friday) we will head down to Cabalas to visit Santa. Usually we go the weekend before Christmas but this year the Man has Fridays off so unless something really random happens we should actually be able to get Christmas cards WITH Santa pictures out in time to make it to their destinations before Christmas day.

Icecream bread?

To of my favorite things combined into one? And it couldn't be easier!!

Get off your butt and go buy some self-rising flour - and a pint of ice cream - because those are the only ingredients for this recipe. (yes, really.)

You can experiment with flavors, I'm thinking I might try a peanut butter cup flavor next...

Ice Cream Bread

1 pint of melted ice cream
1.5 cups of sifted self-rising flour

Butter and flour a standard size loaf pan. Heat your oven to 350ºF. Mix your ingredients until smooth. Pour the batter into the pan. Bake for 40-45 minutes.

That's it. (yes, really!!)

Enjoy! And report back what you think.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

I am Thankful for my family, especially the Kiddo who loves to cuddle and will always give me a hug when I need one (no questions asked). And for the heater working (it's 8 degrees outside!) and for the telephone so I can call my family and still feel a little connected to all of them. I wish more then anything I was in Arizona this year getting ready to spend the day at my moms house. I am there in spirit.

At any rate, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I hope your day is full of good food and great company.

11-23-2010 thanksgiving outfit

I remember making an Indian vest in school when I was his age too. We used a paper grocery sack and had fringe though. Regardless he loves his, and is very excited for today. He keeps asking if we're going to catch a turkey to cook for dinner.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Music

Here's a couple videos containing two of my favorite pieces of music both done a little differently then I've seen/heard them done before. I thought some of you might get a kick out of them too.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


This morning the Kiddo was still asleep at 9:30, and he was still asleep at 10…

11-22-2010 sleeping

I’m usually pretty okay with giving him his medication plus or minus one hour from the usual dosage time, (usual dosage time for his thyroid medication is 8 on the weekdays and 8:30/9 on the weekends). The problem with that is we were told no food with it, that means waiting an hour after giving it to him before he can eat breakfast. So if I let him sleep until he wakes up, and if he happens to wake up more then an hour after he did the day before… what then? Or if I let him sleep and he wakes up within the =/- medication time limit BUT less then an hour before it’s time to get ready for school, when does he get to eat?

Today I chose to let him sleep, skip the meds, and give him breakfast as soon as he woke up. He’s had some pretty big bags under his eyes lately, and I felt sleep was the most important thing. I think that is okay because we were also told we can double him up the next day if for some reason we miss a dose (and that it would cause no ill effects).

I really hate making that choice, let him sleep or wake him to give him a pill. Either way the entire rest of the day I second guess myself and feel guilty *sigh*

Super cool

I know at least two people who read this blog will love this. It's a book made from another book by cutting out words, (if that doesn't make sense go here and read about it strait from the publisher/creator). Very cool! Even if it is a little more then I am used to having to spend on a book I think I'd like having it simply for the art nature of it. ($29 at b&n)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I had a bad dream

The Kiddo came into our room this morning with giant sad eyes and tiny sniffles, he was calling for his dad but climbed into my side of the bed. I blearily looked at the clock and saw 7am, generally I get till 7:30 nowadays and I really like that last 30 minutes, so I ignored the patheticness that was him and demanded to know what he was doing out of HIS bed before 8.

Him: well I had a bad dream and needed to see dad but he’s in the bathroom.

Me: you had a bad dream? about what?

Him: it was a peanut butter sandwich and you wouldn’t let me make it. I really wanted to eat it, I cried.

Me (thinking)…. what? a peanut butter sandwich? He’s hungry? it’s 7!!! Oh for crying out loud.

Me: It was just a dream baby, c’mon in next to mommy and see if you can go back to sleep.


Thirty minutes later, after we were officially up and I’d chugged half a cup of coffee, I asked him again what his dream was about. He confirmed that in his dream he wanted to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but I wouldn’t let him. He was SO hungry and it would have been so yummy but I kept saying no, and that it made him cry.

11-21-2010 peanut butter lunch

So when breakfast time rolled around I decided I better make up for the mean evil dream mommy that I apparently am, and I let the kid have a sandwich AND “kid coffee” (chocolate milk), with marshmallows on the side. His absolute favorite meal.

Four Feet / One Foot

I posted about a month ago about our first snow fall of the year. It’s always a bit of an event for me because I love snow, the fluffy white stuff is what makes the cold of winter worthwhile.

11-21-2010 first real snow (1)

Cupcake seems to agree for the most part. She loves to run and play in it… pouncing around like a rabbit on speed,making and throwing her own snowballs with her nose, tunneling through and popping up a few feet further then where she dove in…

11-21-2010 first real snow (5)

What she doesn’t like is using the bathroom out in it. She hates it, in fact she has, so far, refused to do it. “First snow” back a month ago and we were able to find somewhat clear spaces under trees for her to use. Last night we got approximately a foot of it (up to the top of her back in most places and above her head in others). She can’t find any place she’s willing to try, she wont even go on the sidewalk!! I hope she figures it out quick because it’s going to be a miserable bunch of days until she does.

Meanwhile I have pretty things to look at, all covered in white, and I may just manage to pull some holiday spirit out of things yet.

11-21-2010 first real snow (4)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Five weeks…

Every day the Kiddo writes his alphabet, lower case, twice. Then at the bottom of the paper he writes a sentence. This week one of his sentences was “only six more weeks until Santa is here.” Then on the back of the paper he draws a picture to represent his sentence. (btw the numbers up were him showing how tall the sleigh is, and yes his 7 is backwards).


I realized, as I looked at his drawing, that Christmas is getting awfully darn close and I better get on top of a few things quick. The Man tends to do weird things to his head when December “family picture” time rolls around, I think he likes to test my patience.. Anyway I plan on trying to do the family picture earlier then usual this year in the hopes that I can get them done while we all look normal. My thought for this year is to have the Man in black, me in a red shirt, and the Kiddo in green.

Of course this year we also have CC… when I asked the Kiddo what she should wear he said she needed to be an elf. Hmmm….

11-18-2010 cupcakes elf costume (1)

How about a $2.50 doggie elf costume (love Target). She looks so miserable, but she actually tolerates it pretty well. The Kiddo is over the moon excited that we have it for her to wear. He says she is the most perfect dog in the whole world. I think the cost is more then worth the smile we get every time he sees the picture.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

funny... dogs... gotta link it

A blog I found by following a link via another blog I read occasionally (head scratch heh)... I really don't know yet if the actual blog is worth reading, but this post is definitely worth taking a look at. If you have dogs, then you know and you'll laugh... Trust me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random November

I had a dream last night where my mom was yelling at me for not writing my Grandma more. Which is funny because I'm still on my planned schedule of writing every Saturday and Wednesday. Maybe I'm feeling guilty for not having called my mom in awhile and it came across in my subconscious as that instead.

The Kiddo is sick (again!!). I'm thinking being out in the cold and drizzle the other day is probably the culprit. He's odd because when he's sick his temperature drops, this morning it registered at 96.6. That's the norm for when he's just gotten home from school too. I think there's a low blood sugar connection for that one. Anyway when his body is fighting something or struggling his temp drops...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

training progress updates

Cupcake is doing really well with her training. I took a video a couple days ago so I could show her progress, but I can't seem to get it to publish to blogger (typical, but I'll keep trying). The problem is that while she does extremely well inside (doing the command every single time) she doesn't listen outside. As long as I have her on lead I can get her to come every time, out there, and sit about 80% (working on it)... but if I try a down command outdoors she flat out refuses. I'm really not sure what that's all about (possibly she's to intent on distractions?). I suppose she just needs more time and I need more patience while she works on realizing that a command is to be followed no matter where we are, not just where she chooses.

On the plus side though her leash walking is pretty much up to 100% perfect. She will now walk on the sidewalk next to a busy street without worrying about the passing cars. She will also walk past people without having to say hi. A large group of kids is a challenge for her (she really really wants to play) but we'll keep practicing.

And in the house, with all this training and work... nipping is virtually non existent, jumping is almost gone, peace is finally here...

Friday, November 12, 2010

And the answer is...

Parent teacher conference went a lot better then I thought it was going to. We had a 30 minute talk with Mrs S, and came away feeling very comfortable with having him in her class.

Key points:

- The first thing Mrs. S said to us was "so, if I remember correctly the Kiddo has never been in any other sort of school atmosphere. No preschool? No daycare?" We said that was right, he's been a home kid only. And she said "that's what I thought, that explains a lot about his behavior in class." That's a great thing to hear from her because it tells us that she knows his issues are because he hasn't learned "how" to be in class, NOT because he's any less mature then the other kids.

- In regards to those behaviors in class I gather the kiddo has a problem staying in his seat and not laughing or talking at inappropriate times. As well as personal space when the kids are sitting in the center rug playing learning games. All are common in kids who haven't learned via other social situations and things that he will pick up better as the year goes on. For now she has had to pull him out of the group a couple times to get him to listen (mini time outs; go sit in your chair, or put your head down on your desk) .. and each time she does he stays in time out for a few minutes, then he apologizes, tells her he will not do it again and asks if he can come back to the group. She says she really likes that he does that.

- In regards to the assessment scoring; the Kiddo scored so low in some areas because he didn't focus and follow directions NOT because he didn't know that particular skill. Good news there is that Mrs. S says he's doing better then he was at the start of the year with those issues (following directions being a big one).

- Mrs. S showed us each paper/test form she used for her grading. She told us what he did, and what he should have done to score higher. We talked about what we can do at home to help him for the next quarter. It's pretty much what we are already doing, which made her happy (and me). Bonus points to me!

- She said he is doing very well socially. He makes friends easily, and all the kids seem to like him.

- She mentioned that one boy in particular is quite a bit bigger then the Kiddo. She said this boy likes to try to pick him up... and that she had put a stop to that a couple times. She said "I hope this is okay, but I talked to his parents..." She said she'd explained to his parents that the Kiddo has some special circumstances and that if the boys were rough housing and happened to fall over he could end up in serious trouble. So she asked them to talk with their son about appropriate play in school. We told her that was absolutely fine, we appreciated her paying enough attention to notice, and to solve the problem, before anything happened.

In the end I think we were all happy and on the same page. Mrs. S said that when they start doing reading centers next week she is looking forward to seeing how well the Kiddo does. She told him that if he reads anywhere near as well as I told her he can that she would start sending him home with a library book a day so that he could read them that night. That made him pretty happy. I really hope he buckles down and reads the way he CAN when he has the opportunity to show her how well he does.. he is really proud of how well he does and I think it would do him a world of good to know he's shown her how smart he really is.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Note to self

Apparently today was an early day at school. I had no idea so I took the Kiddo in at the normal Thursday time, 12:20. No other kids were outside and I wondered... after a few minutes I realized we’d better go check so we went to the office. They told us about the half day today, that means he was an hour late for a two hour day. Kick me!!

The principal (Mrs. G) was standing there and she told me not to worry about it, I wasn’t the only parent to be confused. She said that the teachers were supposed to have sent home a note. I am betting the Kiddo forgot to pick it up, sometimes having a space cadet for a kid can be really frustrating *sigh*

Mrs. G also said there was a substitute today. The last time there was a sub in the Kiddo’s class was Halloween parade day. After the parade that day the kiddo followed the rest of the kids to the classroom and got very confused when he didn’t see Mrs. S there. We found him standing in the hall outside of the doorway crying because he didn’t know where his class was. I quietly mentioned that to Mrs. G and she offered to walk him down*, I followed all the way to the door and she took him in (so she could introduce him to the sub and make sure he was happy).

Anyway I feel guilty as heck about the short day mess up. I guess if a week is any longer then three days the last day is always a short day. So since this school week is four days long (with Friday being a no school day), today is early. Thanksgiving week is only three days long so I think they’re all normal full days, I hope so anyway. At least the Kiddo and I did some work this morning so we compensated for any in school work he might have missed. He did a letter e worksheet, and then we wrote the entire lower case alphabet twice (an exercise I’ve been having him do every day this week). IMG_20101111_092447

*Have I mentioned how much I really like Mrs. G?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vitamix givaway...

Elana's Pantry is giving away a Vitamix 5200 Blender this month. I've seen one of these in action, tasted what it can do, and daydreamed about owning one. Needless to say I left a comment and entered. If you want a new kick butt blender that makes amazing sherbit (among a gazillion other things) swing by her blog and leave a comment. Then while you're there take a bit and look around, she's got some really good glutton free recipies!!


(a random blast from the past)

The Kiddo came home with his first ever progress report this week. For Kindergarten they rate in levels, vs grades, but it seems to be the same basic idea.

So I read through his report expecting a few 2's, but mostly 3's and 4's. I was shocked at how many 1's he has.

Concepts of print, he's got a 1. Um he can write all his letters, and name them, so I'm confused what he would need to get a higher grade there.

Phonemic awareness is a 1 because he doesn't really grasp syllables, that I get, I'll work on it with him.

Comprehension is a 1. What?? The kid can read and answer the question he just read. I guess it's a one because he doesn't do well at making predictions using title and picture clues. I think that's my fault, when we read books and he asks me what people in this picture are saying or doing I always tell him "well lets read and find out" and we go into reading. So I guess I should have a conversation about what he THINKS they are saying and doing and THEN read.

Writing is a 1. Why? Because he doesn't look at a picture and use it to generate writing ideas. He'd rather draw his own picture and write using that. *sigh*

Patterns and relations is a 1. He gets patterns, he knows how to tick things off as he figures it out. But he gets distracted in the middle and forgets... I suppose we could work on that *grumble*

Measurements... he's never been one for spacial perception. I guess we can work on that too.

And btw look over on the side and he has a TWO for reading level. WHAT!!!?? I'm wondering how well they want a kindergartner to read to get something higher then that.

*deep breath* If he didn't have an excellent in social skills I'd be kicking myself for not just homeschooling him, I mean jeez!

I am really looking forward to our teacher conference Thursday evening. I promise I will not argue with her, or spend any time defending his scholastic abilities... but a good conversation on why he got so many low scores will be nice. As I said to the Man (during my year long rant on the subject) what he can do at home is not necessarily what he does do at school. He may be distracted, or unfocused, or just plain lazy, at school because he doesn't have anybody hovering over him forcing him to do his best work.

I hate how guilty I feel about it... I really hope there's a time when I will stop feeling personable responsible for every time a teacher says he has "failures."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas thoughts already?

We have Netflix. I hate spending the money on it, but since we don't have cable and can never afford to go OUT to see movies I figure it's a trade off that should be acceptable even to the most hard core budget nazi so I do it.

Anyway, many weeks ago I rented Astro Boy for the Kiddo. Generally I have a grown up movie and a kid movie that way when the Man and I finally get an evening we have something to watch, and the Kiddo has something appropriate for him for the days when he decides he'd rather watch a movie then his normal morning cartoons*.
He has watched this movie every single day since then. He is obsessed with having a blue core, he's told me that I really need to go to the store in the sky and buy him one. When I explain that the car doesn't fly so we can't go up there he says (very matter of fact) that daddy needs to buy a car that can fly then because a blue core will make him big and strong so he can climb and fly like the best boys. Sometimes I wonder about my kid...

This morning I told him that it is time to send the movie back. I explained that there are other really good movies out there. And I told him I would print out a picture of Astro Boy that he can put on his wall if he would like. He agreed, and asked to watch the movie one last time before we sealed it up. Then, as I poored my second cup of coffee for the day, I heard his little voice:

Kiddi: Mom, does Santa go to stores and then to houses?

Me: er, why would Santa go to stores?

Kiddo: To buy the toys for the kids.

Me: Um, well Santa has a workshop and tons of little elves, they make all his toys.

Kiddo: Oh! So do elves make movies?

Me: ummmmm... Lets put it this way, if it's a toy then the elves make it for him. If it's a movie then the little shopper elf girl runs to the store and buys it.

Him: okay, so if I ask Santa for the Astro Boy movie he can give it to me.

Ah, I should have known. Good thinking ahead on the kiddo's part. I think Santa might be able to find a copy of that movie for a pretty inexpensive price. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

*I know you all aren't judging that I let the tv babysit him every morning but I'm going to say this in my defense anyway; when you have to force your (almost always hungry) kiddo to wait an hour to an hour and a half before letting him eat breakfast it's easier to give him the choice of distracting himself with tv rather then having him ask every five minutes if it's time for breakfast yet.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekends are good for

Raking Leaves….

11-6-2010 raking leaves

And teaching your dog to walk on leash…

Friday, November 5, 2010

Growth and puppyhood

Cupcake turned four months old this past Tuesday (the 2nd). She is now 9lbs 7oz. She knows come, sit, lay down, and leash. She is working on stay and trying very hard to learn not to nibble on humans. I am excited at her progress and feel that by the end of this month the Kiddo will be walking her, easily, by himself! Equally important is our observations that she is, even now, incredibly in tune with how he is feeling... I can only imagine how she’ll be once we get a little medical alert training into her.

16 weeks old; 9lbs 7oz.

It’s no secret that we let him choose her (vs choosing for him and then convincing him it was his choice) and that doing so has caused a few problems. In the end we did what was right for him and I know this way he has a much stronger connection with her then he would have… he has never questioned her place in this family, or that she is his. He has never question her love for him (or his for her). It is an amazing thing and well worth it all. Plus I think once she gets that puppy nibbling thing under control she’ll be quite amazing…

So, here’s to the optimistic goal that by this time next month we’ll be able to place her and have her stay till released regardless of what is going on. That she’ll be able to walk OFF leash without running away so that if the Kiddo accidentally drops the leash she stays right by his side. Here’s to a young dog that plays and cuddles without mouthing. And here’s to her learning drop so that when she brings back that fetch toy we can actually throw it again without having to wait for her to remember to drop it.

10-6-2010 service vest

Here’s to another month of growth, and learning... Earn that vest little girl.

Say Cheese!

I'm sure you all remember my post a few weeks ago asking if you thought I should spend 13 bucks on school pictures or not. I knew the Kiddo wouldn't smile his real smile, not unless the photographer had some magic trick up his sleeve... then again, I kind of expect kids photographers to have a lot of practice with kids like the Kiddo so a real smile shouldn't have been that much to ask for, after all cheese-ball plastered on fake smiles are normal with little boys. I don't know where they learn it, it must be in that male chromosome.

I decided to do it, I figured all the people telling me that even a bad picture would be a funny memory were right...

Anyway, the results are in:
It's not as bad as I was afraid it would be, but really not as good as I hoped for. And for some reason I can't get it to scan without it looking dusty... maybe they do something special with their paper (is that even possible?). So to get an 8x10 for the Mans' mom we'll either have to give her a dusty looking copy or order one *sigh*. The good news is I can copy them fine in smaller sizes so I've got what I need for my side of the family (unless my mom is completely random and decides she would like a full sized copy).

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love fall...

Wow - positive reinforcement

The kiddo came out of class yesterday busting with smiles. Usually he waits until we get home before he shows me his school work, but yesterday before he even reached where I was standing he had his backpack off his shoulders. He said he HAD to show me what was in it right then, no waiting.

I figured he had gotten a treat in class, or toy or something similar (sometimes when one of the kids has a birthday their parent puts together a little treat bag for everybody).

Nope, it was this:
Not only had he come up with a word that starts with B (the day before was "a" day and he drew a dog and cat because he didn't want to draw a boring apple; 5 year old logic, what can you do)... But he also spelled the words correctly (on his own) and drew a pretty amazing dancing banana. Now if we could just get him to figure out b's and d's we'd be golden!

BTW occasionally he'll come home with a "good" written on his paper, but this is his very first wow. He is really proud of it, he says the whole class laughed at his banana and thought it was great. I told him how amazing he was for following directions and coming up with such a fun idea, writing it down, and drawing it...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

C'est voila - Presto!

My dad got my Grandma a Presto printer. I have been really excited about it since he told me he was going to mid August. She now has it, and has it all set up, and I can email her letters WITH pictures in them... they print out at her end and she has an instant letter from me.

The best part is that not only can I now write her whenever I feel the urge (I plan on writing her twice a week, wednesday'ish and saturday'ish) but I also don't feel guilty for not hand writing the letters. And it emails me back a confirmation of the letter delivery, with a picture to show me how it looked printed out. Super cool.

So I suppose this is my blogosphere thanks to my dad for making it so easy to do. And my blogosphere advert to those of you who read my blog but aren't family, if you have somebody in your life who doesn't do email and you wish you wrote them more often... well this thing is super easy and super great.

Oh and those of you that ARE family... write Grandma a letter! Betcha she'd love to hear about your life/dog/cat/house/job... whatever the heck :)


We went to Walmart the other day to get a slow leak in one of our tires fixed. It took a ridiculous 90 minutes for them to do, meanwhile the kiddo and I wandered around and looked at all their clearance Halloween stuff. I resisted the urge and did not buy more then two bags of candy, 80% of which is in the freezer! We also wandered around the toy section and the Kiddo pointed out all the toys he wanted. Like this one:
It was priced at $30 bucks. After we got home I looked it up on Amazon and it is $56 there. There was only one on the shelf at walmart and even though I don't have the funds I find myself wondering if it's still there...

After we got home it was time for lunch. The Kiddo said he wanted to make his sandwhich by himself, he was very adamant that I did NOT get to help (aside from removing lids of course).
Let me just say that it made for a very sticky knife, and spoon, and hands, and counter, and um peanut butter jar (oddly the jelly jar didn't get sticky).

Later in the day the kiddo did his thing and earned a treat, for it I let him pick two pieces of Halloween candy. He picked a dum dum and a pixie stick. He knows "how" to eat pixie sticks but he has trouble (he always ends up getting the end wet, which gets the sugar wet, which clogs it up). This time he asked for a bowl... next thing I know this is what I was seeing:
Needless to say I was so proud I almost burst... and after my first thought (which was "holy cow he really IS my kid!!) I thought "his grannie would be so proud". I wonder if she is :D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dr. Suess on the election

I do not like this Uncle Sam,

I do not like his health care scam.

I do not like these dirty crooks,

or how they lie and cook the books.

I do not like when Congress steals,

I do not like their secret deals.

I do not like this speaker Nan ,

I do not like this ‘YES, WE CAN’.

I do not like this spending spree—

I’m smart, I know that nothing’s free.

I do not like your smug replies,

when I complain about your lies.

I do not like this kind of hope.

I do not like it. nope, nope, nope!

Go green – recycle Congress in 2010!

*unabashidly stolen from *lookingforlisa

A Fall Medley...

Monday, November 1, 2010

btw - I want

passing through - one holiday down

Well Halloween is finished. It's one of my favorites but not at the top of the list... it would be but society has ruined it quite a bit. This year it was "mandated" that kids do trick-or-treating on Saturday instead of the actual day of Halloween. Let me just say, in the largest understatement of the year, that made me a tad unhappy. Not only did the stupid day switching cause us to not be able to do our usual walk through the mall (where the Kiddo could show off his costume and look at all the other kids showing off theirs) but it also caused this:

That's a lot of rain poring down on our heads. And what is the kiddo saying in that second picture? I asked him if he was having any fun at all and he said no. I asked him if he was a tiny bit happy and he said no. I said not even a little happy? And he said NO, the weather is miserable and I'm not happy. The good news is he wasn't sulking, he was just letting me know that he didn't like the way things were going.

So we gave up on Jordan Commons and headed to grandma's house.
Fortunately the rain had already finished there so the Kiddo was able to hit the neighborhood. He started enjoying himself after house number four, and by house number 8 he was really excited. Everybody thought he was so cute (plus they weren't seeing many younger kids) so they kept giving him extra candy...
When we finished up he had a full bag and a happy face. Grandma fed him a corn dog and rolls and I think he had a good day.


Thoughts Become Things; Choose The Good Ones.