Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday Photo Prompt (5-1)

Oh wow, it's 11:30pm and I should be sleeping but as I finished up my posts for today and yesterdays photo prompts over at HSMSHS they posted the prompt for tomorrow (Friday). I was instantly excited and HAD to try and get my shot. I'm sure tomorrow I will see something even better (and if I do I'll shoot it and post a second time) but the photo's I got tonight are really beautiful (if I do say so myself). I got these hair pins from one of my brothers at some point years ago and have kept them safely ever since as one of my most treasured possessions.

The photo prompt word for Friday is Wing: An appendage found in pairs that enables some creatures to fly.
A closeup and a slightly further away shot. The butterfly obviously being my "wing" subject but the pictures wouldn't have been nearly as pretty without the matching piece.

Thursday photo prompt (4-30)

The photo prompt on HSMSHS on Thursday was Warning: A statement or event that indicates a possible or impending danger.

I asked the Man to hold still for me while I took his picture today before he changed after work. I'd say if you see 'em go for his sidearm you're pretty much getting the last level, big red neon flashing sign, "statement or event that indicates impending danger" warning...

The best part of it all was the Kiddo in full mimic mode.. "mommy take a picture of daddy and me"

Wednesday Photo Prompt (4-29)

I'm pretty behind on this photo prompt thing but I will keep trying and eventually maybe I'll even get back to posting daily..

Wednesdays photo prompt over at HSMSHS was Relax: To become less active, calm and happy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

little dogs

Reasons #54 not to get a little dog... a strong gust of wind will blow it away!

Tuesday photo prompt 4-28

Todays word at HSMSHS is could be a lot of fun, but I can't really get out of the house to explore it properly. Still looking around inside I found something almost instantly that worked for me...

The word is Purple: A mixture of red and blue.

Monday Photo prompt 4-27

One day late but better late then never ;)

Mondays photo prompt over at HSMSHS was slide: To move gracefully in continuous contact with another surface, or letting an object or situation to deteriorate.

I was going to do some fun stuff with action but the Kiddo is really not letting me have the space (we're patching his eye in the morning vs evening this week as an experiment to see if he sleeps better). So anyway I went extremely literal.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

There was a time when Monday didn't really mean that much different then any other day of the week, I suppose next week (after the temp job is over) it'll be back to being that way. Now however, today, THIS Monday, I'm afraid I have the Monday icks. The weekend just shot past, the Man was gone at Drill and the (un-patched) Kiddo and I played indoors the whole time (cold and raining outside).

I have a pregnant friend who was due yesterday (Sunday) and still has not delivered. I managed to get past my jealousy awhile ago (yes I have that issue every single time somebody I know gets pregnant, it isn't rational I know that.. it just is *shrug*). Anyway I sat here thinking about my last couple weeks being preg with the Kiddo and trying to remember all the things you weren't supposed to do to avoid delivering early. Shoot the only ones I can remember are horseback riding, and raspberry tea...

The photo prompt for today is slide. I'll post a photo for that a little later on in the day. I have a dozen shots from the past but thought maybe I'd try to get something new.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm a jobless hobo...

I don't normally use this space for whining or complaining about things. I feel the need to do so now only so that I don't have to tell 8 different people 8 different times...

As of next Thursday I will be again unemployed. I can't believe it, that's gotta be the shortest duration of any job ever!! I bet it makes a record (well, a second place record anyway... there was that ONE day we don't talk about at wendies back in college.. ... ..). Yes it's true, the Tax folks are apparently just about all caught up and "see the light at the end of the tunnel" so I have been told that the 29th is to be my last day working. I almost cried, not because I expected to work there forever but because I'd actually adjusted to it. I LIKED this job, I LIKED the people, and I actually kinda liked the time spend absolutely by myself in my own little world. Sitting in a cubical typing away, listening to some Sara Brightman, just being alone for 5 solid hours woohoo. And I was good at it too *sigh*

The whiniest part is that I tend to do the budget a whole month in advance (it's squeaky tight but all the bills and rent get paid AND we get fed so it works) and now there is one week and one day I'll be missing that I had counted on for pay, 250$!!, and that will really hurt!! I was SURE I'd be working there till the last possible day before the Man took his two Navy two weeks in May. I was determined that when he got back if they still had temps I'd be going back.

I guess it makes sense, I mean how backed up would they need to be to keep temps on through May? Seriously I should have expected it, I was just optimistically thinking we'd get through the first week of May before they were done with us. *woeful sigh* I still have three days left to work next week, I'm really really hoping they don't move even faster then they think they will, I really will cry if we miss any more paying days of work next week.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

hmmm thursday...

Today is going by ridiculously fast. .. .. Nothing exciting is happening, just windows wide letting in the 72 degree air and watching the Kiddo play.

Being as that is the activity for the day, and because I don't have any produce lying around, I'm using it for inspiration on today's photo prompt at HSMSHS.

Fruit: The edible part of a plant, product of labor, or one's offspring.
He's built himself a house for his race cars. I doubt it'll stand for long (he's a typical 4 year old and loves to knock things down) so I quick snapped a couple shots. The fruit of my existence AND the fruit of his labor all in one shot. The only thing missing is some actual edible fruit.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Theme'd photos..

I really kind of miss doing the daily photo prompts. I know I said (about a month ago) that I was going to try doing it again, did one day and then no more... but I think I shall try again to start again *chuckle*

Todays photo prompt (HSMSHS) is Container: An object used to hold or transport something.
A container for flowers

The Kiddos block bin

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just a couple things...

I've decided that I actually do like my new job. I'm not super excited to leave the house but once I'm there I kind of enjoy it. I think if I had my own transportation I would even consider trying to get on there in a full time capacity. There are a few reasons for that...

-I get to wear jeans and t-shirt and any shoes I want (hello sexy heals with jeans!)

-Time goes by extremely quickly, I'm not big on breaks (they feel like a waste of time) and when time is flying by I really don't think twice about skipping them.

-And... I gotta say I'm really kind of impressed by my 10 key typing skills. I should re-test myself sometime (233 kpm!!) because I zoom. I can type the date (04152009) 50 times in two minutes flat. And I can type 100 ssn's in 10 minutes.. my fingers smoke I'm so good!

We're back to patching the kid part time this week. I was a bad mom and skipped yesterday. Mondays are hard enough without having to break the Kiddo's illusions that the patch was no more. Today I kinda had to do it. So I gave him a pop tart as a treat (I know geez sugar!!) He's never had one before, he said "mom, this is the greatest thing yum!"

When I left for work he was trying to wrap himself around my legs. I told him to let go so I could go and he said "no I have to sleep first." I told him he could sleep on daddies feet but mommie had to go. He cried as I left. It's the first time I've actually seen him do that... I think he was a bit sensitive because of the eye patch and felt extra needy. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

Spring is in full swing around here. It's been mid 70's and the trees are in bloom. It should stay that way awhile.. or at least for the next couple of days. Friday it drops back down to the 50's and rain.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Monday Monday...

I'm actually almost ready for today. Generally Mondays don't mean much different then any other day of the week but since I've started working it is now my first day back at work. I'm hoping at some point I'll get used to the idea and stop feeling stressed all day till it's time to go.

Over the weekend we went to out little nieces birthday party. She turns six this Wednesday and had her party the weekend before so that the Man could go. We all had a good time, the Kiddo most of all, and ate some really good food. I have now have a new recipe to try for chili verde and can't wait to make it. When I do I'll be sure to post it for you all to try.

Till then how about a good, easy, inexpensive recipe

Taco Soup.

1 can kidney beans
1 can pinto beans
1 can tomato sauce
14 oz tomato juice (or chunked tomatoes)
1 can corn
1 packet taco seasoning
1 cup water
1 lb hamburger
spice (salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic, and chalula are what I use)

Throw all the canned beans, tomatoes, corn, into a crock pot and set it on medium. Brown your meat, simmer with the taco seasoning, then chuck that in the pot too. Add spices to taste and let simmer for at least 4 hours. Serve in bowls with shredded cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Eye don't think so

The first doctors appointment of the day is done. It was amazingly quick and, sadly, did not quite have the end result we were hoping for. The eye patching continues..

I suppose that means things actually went well, and that the eye patching has helped. The doc decided that since the Kiddo has figured out how to function with the good eye patched, and how to "see" things with just the bad eye, that it's working soooo we have to keep doing it. That's the bad/good news. The good news within that is we only have to patch him half the time. Monday through Friday and half days (from lunch to bedtime). In two months (June 19th) we go back to the doc and see where we stand.

My first thought is that his vision is not really improving he's just smart enough to figure out how to live with limited vision. But then I remind myself that is the point... remember we aren't really trying to improve the vision in that eye, what we're doing is forcing the brain to USE that eye. And THAT is something it's doing so I'm not too annoyed that we have to keep doing it.

My ending thought is that by doing part time I have a LOT more flexability with what I do and when. I can patch him early so we can go play on the jungle gym later, or I can move around his two patch free days. I think this will be a lot less stressful for all of us.

Now if I could just figure out how to get the stupid patch off his eye without leaving him all red and bruised... (sugestions/ideas?????)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

working in progress

The new job is going fine. It's incredibly hard to get myself out the door but once I'm halfway into my drive to work I'm okay.

I realize I wasn't very clear a couple posts ago when I said that I'd finally been called by the job I was trying for. If you remember back in February I applied at the Tax Commission. Before my interview I spent a couple weeks working on my typing skills and learning 10 key. I scored really fairly decently on the typing tests and did well with the interview but the schedule they were hiring for was not something I could work. Anyway last Thursday they let the Man know that if I was still interested in doing temp work that they would bring me on from 5pm-10pm Monday through Thursday. It's almost like they created a shift especially for me (considering the normal late shift if 4-10).

So I started this week. The worst part is that I don't ever really see The Man. He gets home, tosses me the keys, I throw out some verbal kiddo instructions and then shoot out the door. Other then that it isn't too difficult (10 key data entry is what I'm doing) and the hours go by relatively quickly. I get to wear jeans, AND I get to use my ipod (thanks again for that thing Lady D!!).

Yesterday I went to head out the door and asked the Kiddo for my kiss good bye. He said "no I have to slide first, then I can kiss you." I said that he needed to slide quickly because I was going to be late. So he slid down and then ran a wide circle around me to go slide again...

me: "WHAT are you doing, get over here and give me a kiss so I can go.."

him: "no mommy I have to slide again first..."

me: "okay then no kiss I have to go now or mommies going to be late for work..."

him: "mommy can't go now, I have to slide first and then kiss you.."

So I walked out the door. I'm having a little trouble adjusting to leaving him at night and he's apparently having a little trouble letting me leave him.

After I'd left I hear he was a little unhappy with his choices. The Man says the Kiddo was VERY upset he didn't kiss me. AND he KNEW it was his fault. He cried for a few minutes then sulked. Then...

Kiddo: "dad. We need to talk. "

He walked the Man to the couch. Sat him down

Kiddo: "I didn't kiss mommy"

The Man "yeah. Do you know why?"

Kiddo: "yeah... Cuz I was slide I didn't. I NEED to kiss mommy for work"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Computer bugs..

I know most of you guys have heard about the Conficker virus and I really don't have anything to say about it... I mean computer stuff is a little above my head. Still I worry that I might have it or what it might do if I do have it.

Recently I came across an link for an easy online test to do to see if your computer has the Conficker bug. I ran it and it says I don't have it. (Imagine me doing a happy little dance).

On the off chance that any of you all have not seen this little Conficker Eye Chart I'm posting the link. Read the article on the how the eye chart works and then follow the link inside the article to test your computer. Quick and easy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

worked up

About working... yeah I admit it, I'm definitely nervous. Tonight was my first night, it was the long day (3-10 for training). It isn't like I'll be getting tons of hours, 20 a week, so I shouldn't be all that worried but I am. I really hope the kiddo cooperated with the Man tonight and went to sleep when he was supposed too. So many things to worry about, so little time...

I'll post tomorrow and let everybody know how my night went. It was relatively quick and easy and the people were nice.. ...

Till then here's one last Easter video to tide you over. And a couple pictures :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yep he found them all. Are they not beeeeautiful...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

Easters on it's waaaaaay....

Okay well technically it's HERE so : Happy Easter Everybody!!

Yes that IS candy in there. I'm crying inside but honestly... sadly... candy is less expensive then the fruits and nuts he usually gets. Frustrating as it is we can't afford to get the usual this year so had to fall back on the other. I'm grumpy about it. I feel better knowing that most of that candy will actually get put "up" and "lost" (yes I am an evil mommy like that).

More pictures (and hopefully video) to come... I just wanted to make sure I had something up for those of you die hard morning blog readers.

One week

and counting! The Kiddo's dr appointments are next friday. I'm really looking forward to no more patch!! (hopefully).

Yesterday he rubbed his eye (the patched one) and somehow got his top eyelashes stuck inside his eye under his bottom eye lid. I had no idea, but thought maybe there was a problem because he would NOT stop rubbing the thing. I should have removed the patch, checked, and then put a new one on. Sadly I dismissed my "he's got something in his eye" feeling and decided he was tired and/or bored... and didn't check. Bad mommy moment.

As mentioned his eye dr appointment AND his endocronologist appointment are both next friday. The Man has to work a 12 that night so he'll be sleeping in and I'll be doing the eye appt solo. That makes me nervous (the eye doc wasn't very good at explaining things to a freaked out me the last go round..). Still if the Man has to miss one I'd rather it be the eye doc and not the endo doc.

The apt complex easter egg hunt is today. We are not participating. Call me a mean mom if you want but I just can't call the idea of a million kids running over each other to grab eggs filled with candy fun. We will do our own indoor egg hunt in the morning (with real eggs vs plastic sugar filled ones) and that will be sufficient for this year.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Going to the dogs...

I read an article this morning about how Honda is making a "dog friendly car". As a dog person I thought that was really very cool.

It has a cushioned dog bed in the trunk, fitted with a built-in water bowl and fan and a ramp to help less agile dogs climb in. Xena would have loved us if we'd had that car.

No pics though, so I haven't gotten any idea if it looks decent.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a few things..

The Kiddo's allergies are kicking his butt. I didn't even know he HAD allergies, I mean not bad ones. Of course it's been a little windy off and on with the spring storms rolling through, that kicks the pollen around, that's bound to cause some stuffy nose problems. Thing is, with a stuffy nose he doesn't sleep!! When he doesn't sleep neither do I and that's making me slightly less then patient.

It's 11:30 and the kiddo is currently snuggled into my bed, he is demanding my company while he tries to go to sleep and take a nap. I cannot remember the last time he actually took a nap... I wonder if he'll actually go to sleep.

On the good news side of things the place I applied to a couple months ago is finally hiring for part time evenings! It looks like the start of next week I'll be putting in five hours an evening doing actually "paid" work. I'm trying to think positively about this (we can really REALLY use the extra money) but I have a feeling it's going to be a difficult adjustment.

oh AND!!!... The Easter bunny apparently has lackeys in AZ. One of those wonderful amazing super sweet henchwomen sent us a little something something in the form of blue/green/purple/yellow eggs to put in the kiddo's basket. He is going to FLIP OUT. They are even cuter in person then I thought they'd be seeing them in the magazine. I will for sure be taking video for you all.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring is here

At 59 degrees it was finally warm enough today to take the Kiddo for a walk! So I took him on a 2 hour round trip journey to the grocery store. It was great to finally get out of the house.

Monday blues

Blue .................................... plus ..................................... Pink

Equals Purple!!
I actually really like it. The blue was fading into green bad and I thought a couple bucks on some new dye was a better choice then a couple bucks on candy for my easter basket! It's multi tonal, a little purple a little lavander and a little pink.

* Yes I do see that I missed a little in the back there. I'll re-do it with the leftover dye sometime this week and make the man help so I don't miss those areas again.

Medically speaking..

I was accomplished last week.. I managed to re-arrange the Kiddos dr appointments on the 17th so that we can still do both the Eye dr and the Endocrinologist without them running into each other or needing to be rushed. PLUS I double checked to make sure our new pediatrician had all the Kiddo's medical records... when we found that she didn't I found her the name and number of the hospital the kiddo went to for his MRI three years ago, we'll get those things direct from the source. Of course if, by some random twist of fate, they don't arrive by the 17th I do have the cd still so it's covered.
I looked at it the other day to make sure it still works and man it's a little freaky with it's alien head slicing.. This image capture is his head from the front just past the eyes. Proof positive that he does indeed have a brain. I should probably hide this before he's in his teens, I don't want him to have the ammunition when we argue about him being dumb (I'm SO looking forward to the teenage years of a boy).

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I woke up this morning at 7:30 when the Kiddo crawled into bed, he snuggled up against my back (as he usually does) and we both fell back asleep... I thought...

I woke up a second time at 10:09 to this:

-A plastic bowl on my nightstand with the Kiddo's morning snacks unwrapped inside.
-A zillion little hot wheels cars spread about the room.
-The Kiddo running at me from the doorway saying "mooom you're awake!"
-Poop in the Kiddo's toilet (good job little man).
-The Kiddo's room in a messier state then I've seen it in a long time.

hmmm I don't mind that he's self sufficient in the mornings... and man I'm really happy he let me sleep in but holy cow that's a messy room! (and I really wish he'd remember to flush).

Saturday, April 4, 2009

houses in the park

A quick update on the Kiddo. He's doing great. Once he's done stalling he cooperates like a angel with putting his eye patch on. He's even asked to do it himself a couple times! He is still ridiculously needy and wont play in a separate room from me but, after two weeks, I can finally get him to play with some toys on the floor near where I'm at (vs in my lap no toys).

Yesterday he was playing with his little people airplane flying it around. He had the pilot up front, and a little boy with a backpack on in the back seat. He was "flying to see grannie and grampi in AZ". I don't make this stuff up folks, he loved his trip and he loves his grannie and grampi *grin*

Az is a little far so today is another mother in law visit. We do them nearly weekly. She likes to see the kid and it does get us out of the house. Plus (I feel a little bad admitting this) it's a free dinner once a week and helps stretch our food budget.

Keep things frosty people... the winter crap weather will be over before we know it, and we're halfway through the eye patch experiment. Two more weeks can't take THAT long...

The kiddo's visually impaired take on houses in the park:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dang Bandwagon...

I hate jumping on the bandwagon, and I've got to say firmly (FIRMLY) that I didn't jump on it this time around... it jumped on me!!

At any rate a month ago, give or take, I was reading a parenting magazine and saw a little blurb about the Hide 'Em and Find 'Em Eggs. I instantly told the Man that we really have to get a couple of these things for The Kiddo.

You see, every year the Easter Bunny brings him mostly fruit, some nuts, and generally one very small inexpensive toy. This would be the perfect little toy, not only would it give him hours of play (the Kid LOVES hide and seek) but it would help him with observation skills and proportion/relation skills (something this size can hide here, but not here type thoughts).

Of course being a lazy doof (with a very tight, squeaking it's so tight, budget) I put off going out and finding them right then. Meanwhile apparently the View (tv show that I never watch) did a feature on the things. NOW good luck finding them anywhere, it's the fad gift of the season. Stupid Ebay people are selling them in the four pack for 40 bucks and up. You can look around online and maybe find em sold singly for 11 if you're lucky.

That my friends is my vent for the next two weeks. I wanted the little blue one or yellow one or orange one or green one... ... and now, alas, I fear it is not to be. Even if I had 40 bucks I wouldn't be spending it on little talking eggs (even if they are that adorable).

As an end note... if you happen to be in Target, or Rite Aid, or Wal Mart in the near future please PLEASE look around and see if you can find them at a reasonable price.

April First

..April Fools..

The Weather thinks it's being funny this month.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finders.... keepers?...

This morning was a bust. I looked out the window and saw snow! Then, after getting the kiddo situated I sat down to run an updated maleware virus scan (lord please keep me from catching that stupid conflicker bug, that's the LAST thing I need) and it took 2.5 hours!! I am not kidding, oy. My whole morning routine was killed by that point.

Still it came up clean so I think we're good. *knocking wood*

This afternoon I have spent catching up on all the things I was supposed to be doing this morning. In doing so I came across an article that referenced the police chase in San Diego a couple weeks ago (and the 17 thousand dollars tossed out onto the freeway while it was happening).

This article today was an interview with one of the people that stopped and picked up some of the money (about 700$). Basically the writer asked them why they hadn't turned that money in, or if they were planning on doing so now. The individual said no, they were keeping the money to help them buy groceries and new tires for the family car.

Quite frankly I think of myself as a fairly decent person, and honest. But were I in that same position I'm pretty sure I'd be keeping the money too. What do you think... does that make me a bad person?


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