Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today my friend is driving me down to Arizona. I wont be back until Monday. Which is actually almost normal as far as my blogging gaps go (Fridays are iffy, but weekends are usually non blog days). I thought I'd warn you all anyway... especially since yesterdays weather (31 degrees and slushing) caused me to have the lazy schlubing blues and not blog anything or even DO anything productive.

Though, I did buy some new fabrics. I found a website that has some amazing patterned machine washable cozy minky fabrics. I'm found a 25% off coupon, and a free shipping coupon, and hopefully by the end of next week I'll be working on a few new bags to sell. If I sell three at 20 bucks each then I'll recoop all my costs. The fabric I bought will make at least 8. I think that's a fair deal!!

I got a darker pink for the inside of the circles pattern, a lime green to match the squares, and a dark olive to go inside the giraffes.

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