Monday, April 26, 2010

The other side

I have been reading a lot about the immigration bill that's recently been signed by the govorner of Arizona. There have been a lot of protests about the bill, stating profiling and how wrong it is.

I have a very strong stand of my beliefs on illegal immigration and have always thought that to fix the problem it will take some 'harsh' realities and actions. On the same note I have also often said to the Man how I wished I could understand the other side, the people who protest and say "hey, just because I immigrated illegally..." bla bla.

I wasn't going to say anything here in my blog about it but today I came across a CNN article that made me pause. I read the article, about a soldier who is no longer proud to say he grew up in Arizona... because he came here illegally at the age of two (now has his papers obviously) but oh gosh when he comes back from his deployment some of his friends or family 'could' be gone because not all of them are legal.

I think the purpose of the story was to be a heart breaker, and make you feel sorry for him and his family. To make us feel that the new Law is mean and not just. For me, it did the exact opposite. I wonder sometimes what our country is deteriorating into... and THAT is what makes me sad.

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Lady D said...

this soldiers friend Victor is an example of the whole reason I support the bill. If you come here you should be coming here with either the idea that you want to become AMERICAN! not stay mexican but be in America. learn the language and work to be a productive member of society. a good percentage of the illegals come here with no intention of becoming a part of our great country. they want to enjoy all the benefits without actually becoming one of us. I see it time and time again where I work. The discrimination I feel from the hispanic population because I am WHITE! I dont speak the right language! It's so frustraiting. I applaud this law, I hope the police are able to enfore it, but I hope they do it the Right way so that there is no doubt and no question about civil rights whether justly earned or not.


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