Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I thought maybe today I would do a quick picture blog for you all. The subject matter is inspired by a conversation I had with my brother (Mr. T) yesterday afternoon. We were discussing the Kiddo and his possible growth hormone shots. The problem being the difficulty imagining the height the Kiddo IS compared to the approximate height he "should be".

I realized as we talked that the problem he was having is probably one that a lot of the rest of you are having. I think most of my readers (being family and close friends) do not currently have a five year old child they can look at and see the instant comparison that he's that much shorter then etc.

So I went and found a growth chart online. Copied it and plotted his growth where he is now, and (more interestingly to me) what age he 'should be' for his height. I thought a visual would be helpful for you all.

The Black circled dot is where he's at this year, 5 years old and 37.5 inches tall. The Red circled dot is that height plotted on the corisponding age line (ie he is the height for an average 3 year old). I also plotted in orange the last three years heights so you can see how his curve is slowly dropping off. I cropped the chart but for the curiosity of some I traced the line up as if he were to continue on his current growth curve with (assuming for the sake of simplicity no more drop offs), and his height at 20 years old would be just above 5 ft tall.

Still nothing from the docs on Fridays test results. We don't really expect to hear anything until Thursday or Friday though.

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