Friday, April 30, 2010

Randomly April

Apparently fish is good for you, AND your waistline . Ugh. Still the past few weeks of eating more fish and chicken (vs only red meat) has helped slim me down a bit. I never did think I fit back into my "pre Kiddo" slacks. I do! But I can't keep eating fish, I can handle it coated in spices and grilled... but even that gets old now and then.

In other news the drug company called today. We finally have the insurances companies final authorization!! It will be re-evaluated in July (apparently that's how they approve drugs like this, on a three or six month basis). She said our co-pay wont be more then 50 bucks, and probably a lot less then that. So now we wait for Norditropins pharmacy to call and set up shipments, then we will know for sure what the copay is. I'd love zero, but even fifty would be much less then I was dreading so set down your coffee and do a happy dance with me!!!

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