Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shots, day 4

Yesterday the Kiddo and I sat down to talk about things. I thought since it had been three days of shots that it might be a good time to talk to him about how he was feeling with it all. We sat on the floor and I asked him how he was feeling about everything that was happening the past few days. I said I wanted to know what he thought about his new medicine.

Him "the pokie medicine?"
Me "yep that's the one, what do you think about that one?"
Him "it's okay, it's THREE"
Me "three? Well I suppose with your HC and Levo and now G/H it IS three, is that what you mean?"
Him "No. It's three, the poking medicine is only three so it's okay."

I couldn't understand what he was talking about so I let it go. Later when his Grandma came over to visit he told her the exact same thing.

Last night when it was time for bed we sat the Kiddo in his (now) usual "shot spot" which is up on the table with his legs hanging over resting on his chair. While the Man got things ready I sat and talked to him again, I asked him where he wanted this shot to be (he picked arm) and told that it was good we had a medicine that helps him grow.

Him "yeah, but only THREE so it's good" and he grins
Me "I still don't understand, what is three??"
Him "remember? in the case, there's only three!"

And finally the lightbulb when off, and I almost cried. No wonder he was so okay with the shots, he thought he only had to do it till those three needles (stored IN the case) were gone and then he was done.
I had to explain to him that he was going to get a shot every night for a very long time. And then I showed him the box full of needles so he could see "how many" there were. He didn't look very happy, I can only imagine.

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