Friday, April 30, 2010

trading up

The decision has been made, we will be trying to sell my Ruger Mark II. They don't even MAKE this model anymore... it's a wonderful gun, and Ruger .22's make GREAT plinkers (cheap ammo etc.) but I never did like how it fit my hands and because of that we haven't taken it out to shoot in a long while.

Because it's in great condition, and I have a holster, three magazines, and the original case, we think we can get about $350 for it. If we can sell it then maybe we can turn around and buy a different .22 that I like better. Maybe, ahem, a pink Walther *grin* Hey it's a plinker gun, they don't have to look respectable when all they do is shoot at targets with itty bitty ammo. I did hold that one, and it fit my hands really well!!

Of course we may also just take the money we get from it and put it into savings... that's what we usually end up doing despite my daydreaming plans *chuckle*

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