Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's beautiful out today. 66 degrees and sunny. I have all the windows open and with the slight breeze coming through them it's the perfect atmosphere for a nap. To bad I can't take one...
Earlier the Kiddo came to me and asked if he could play the computer. He wanted to play the alphabet game. I told him I wasn't sure, that we needed to have breakfast first and after that we'd decide. He came real close and batted his eyelashes at me (btw thanks for that Miss D) and said "but mom, look what my eyes are doing" and then smiled sweetly. I told him batting his eyes at me would not help. So he thinks "hmmm... I know! I know what will make you say yes. I will give you food and then you wont be hungry anymore so you'll say yes and let me play." He went to the fridge and started digging around inside, muttering to himself the whole time, looking for something he thought I'd like. He came back with a bright smile and an orange. I'm a sucker, it worked, I fed him cereal and then let him play.

After a bit though I thought, because of the really nice weather, I would have us go outside and take a bike ride. We rode down to where the elementary school is. It took us 25 minutes to get there, and he was yammering excitedly the entire way. He was bound and determined he'd start class today, and argued with me when I told him he needed a few more months of growing before it was time.

When we got back I let him play in the playground area for awhile with a couple other kids. I think today was pretty much hands down the best day of the month for him (since getting back from AZ). I'm looking forward to the Man getting home from work because that's when I get to hear the Kiddo tell him all about his day.

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