Monday, April 5, 2010

Back home

I had a wonderful trip! The drive down was fast, and the drive back was super fun! My friends family is so much like my own that we can't help but get along great. Her kids and the Kiddo fit perfectly, and her husband was made from the same mold as the Man. It's a little scary really.

Being in AZ with my family went far to quickly. The kiddo loved every second, the only reason he was willing to come home was because he knew we'd be driving back with my friend in her new car. And may I just say, her new car kicks BUTT. It's a blue 2004 GTO. It's amazing, I really really want!

On the drive back up we stopped at Jack n the Box for lunch. There are no Jack's in Utah, how messed up is that?? Getting to stop and eat there is one of the special treat parts of going down to visit. The kids meal toy was a growth chart! I've been wanting one of those for a long time and it's really rather neat that I now have one for free... especially since the kiddo will soon be doing a lot more growing.

All in all a great trip, far to short though. The Man and I are talking about maybe taking another one down later this summer. I'll have to do a lot of coordinating with my siblings if we do it, make sure they're home and have a little more time to visit.

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