Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mud fights and Imagination

Around 8am this morning:

Suddenly I feel a small body launching itself over me. A little voice shouts, "look out" and then the same voice makes squelching sounds from behind me as little hands grip my side and he ducks and pops up daring his unseen enemy to throw another mud ball.

His stuffed lion is all the way at the edge of the bed in front of me and he squeels "liiiooon" and he frantically looks around him for ammo. He sighs gustily "nothing!! Mom! I'm all out" ... "but I have to help lion"

More mud balls thrown at him and he jerks around spazmotically as one hits him. "eeeeeew, ICK.. they got me!"

Another frantic yell for lion, so I drag my arms out of his strangle hold and pull lion over to him.

A giggle, then "lion quick, give me ammo"... and spitting sounds...

My eyes snap open to see his little hand throwing spit at his invisible foes (imaginary thank GOD). "NOW I can win the war" he yells and starts jumping around the bed with lion slobber balls thrown left and right at the baddies.

Sometimes I get the feeling the Kiddo is channeling Calvin *sigh*


C said...

Blame it on Grandma. You hung around with her too much after her knee surgery so her love of Calvin and Hobbes was able to permeate your inner regions and affect your offspring. bwaah ha ha ha haaa

Gwyneth said...

Now that I think of it you're probably right... I remember reading her Calvin books quite a bit while I was there. So then I should blame the Kiddo's weirdness on daddies side of the family? HA that means it isn't directly my fault.

At least it keeps life interesting :D


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