Sunday, April 11, 2010


Everybody around me is getting fancy cool new cars. Lady D picked up her Monte Carlo last year. Miss N got herself a fancy GTO. My MIL has been car shopping for the past month. I sat in and drooled over my dads Lexus while visiting them last week. And my brother... yeah well *grumble*

I've been daydreaming about the Dodge Charger for years. In a perfect and amazing world I'd get the SRT8 version and have it be a "me" color. It doesn't COME in a me color though so that's always been a little iffy.

Yesterday (due to the influx of car vibes I've been getting) I did a little online window shopping and found out that the Dodge Challenger SRT8 comes in PURPLE!! It's my car dream color. Unique and fun, a little spunky, but not flashy (like green would be). Oddly, the Charger doesn't have that color option available. Still I bet if I had enough money to get the Charger, I'd have enough to talk them into painting it purple for me...

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