Monday, April 19, 2010


I've been looking for a good gallon jar for years. It has to be glass, and the lid has to be plastic. This months visit down to Arizona my dad had a jar of pickled peppers in the fridge, it rekindled my desire to have one.

I found some! It took several hours of searching because very nearly every jar you find is either a tea jar with a spigot, or a glass jar with a metal lid.

Problem with what I found? They come in a four pack and the cost would, after shipping, be 40 bucks! I guess I'll bookmark the page and save the thought.

I really want to make some pickled eggs* though...

*recipe in comments


Gwyneth said...

Pickled Eggs

1c or parts water
3c or parts vinegar (white)
1 tsp pepper corns
2 or 3 button garlic
1 sm can green peppers and juice
1 sliced onion (or cucumber) sliced

Add pealed boiled eggs.

Let sit and pickle :)

C said...

Don't you know anyone who buys bulk pickle relish at a warehouse store? Or does that stuff come in plastic now also (like the oj that was the original occupant of the pickled pepper jar). Our metal lidded glass macaroni jar was originally pickle relish.

I'm assuming you want to avoid metal lid because of corrosion, but if you find the right size jar, you might be able to put thin plastic (fold-top sandwich bag?) between lid and jar and get the same effect as a plastic lid ... though I'd expect the plastic to tear with repeated use and need frequent replacing.

We get Miracle Whip in the 16 oz size that is a glass jar with plastic lid. You could probably fit only three eggs in it (unless your store sells small eggs), but maybe the larger sizes of mayo type stuff come in glass too?

Gwyneth said...

I hadn't thought of that, I bet they do sell bulk jars of pickles! I should ask around. Good idea :)


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