Wednesday, April 7, 2010

food for thought

Fast food is good. Well some of it is. Of course good doesn't always mean good for you, in fact it seems like it very rarely does. Lately the more I try to learn about "healthy" eating the the more I'm hearing how carbs are bad. Which is sad because I really love bread, and pasta!! And breaded chicken tastes quite a bit better then a slab of baked dry meat...

Speaking of... I recently came across the KFC Double Down which has a fairy average (for fast food) 540 calories and 32 fat grams. (to give you an idea the Big Mac, has 540 calories, and 29 fat grams). Of course the healthy eating nuts of the world are up in arms about it because it's so terrible for you (um relook at those numbers I typed... ...).

Is it bad that my first thought was "mmm that looks kinda good!"

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