Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April updates (GHD* etc)

Nordicare (the growth hormone drug company) finally called yesterday. The woman said that they hadn't gotten "final confirmation" and that has been the reason for the delay. But she said that since it HAS been pre-approved she would go ahead and send us the intro package (free of charge to us or the insurance company) so we can get started. We should have that package (shots, and supplies) by tomorrow. Sometime in the next day or two we should hear from the Endo's nurse and we will set up a time for her at home instruction.

I re-read all of our insurance documents to make sure I understood how much of a co-pay we will have on this stuff. It will be 5%. That doesn't sound like much but it IS once you take into account how much this stuff costs total per month. The Man found a comic last night that related...
The Kiddo and I have had a few conversation about what his new medication will be like. I was not sure if it was the right thing to do, but I thought preparing him for it was better then suddenly giving him shots out of the blue. I tell him that it will help him grow big and strong just like his other medications. That part he's more then okay with! Then I tell him that it wont be a pill though, it will be a shot like Grandma does (diabetes). With her little pen, a tiny needle. That part he is NOT okay with. He acts like he is when we talk about it, but then randomly several hours later he will find me and say "um mom, I really don't want to get pokies every day, that will hurt". I tell him I know he doesn't, but that it is the only way to give the medicine and that it will be so easy he wont mind at all.

The support group I am a member of, for parents of kids with his specific medical conditions, suggested that I look into getting him a dog. Many of them say that their kids have one, and how much it helps when they feel extra icky that day or feeling different or upset. I thought it would be worth looking into, so far the Kiddo is very well adjusted but who knows if he can maintain that through the shots added to his daily regiment and the separation from home that school will bring.

I talked to our apartment front office about getting him a dog. Not a service dog, but a companion dog. They said we would, as expected, have to get the proper paperwork filled out by our doctor saying it is a needed thing. So I called the Endo., I found out that he has never done anything like this for any of his patients, and he is not sure that he can do it for the Kiddo. I believe he was confused about what type of dog we wanted (he thought trained service/therapy dog). I explained the difference and he is thinking about it. I'm not holding my breath, but we will see.

In other news Kindergarten Orientation is this Friday. Due to work obligations the Man wont be able to come. I'm a little panicked! Normally going by myself would not be such a big deal but there were so many things I wanted to talk to the principle/teachers about and I will probably get sucked into my shy anti social shell and forget them all. Hopefully I can set an appointment with a teacher and the principle for a later date, where the Man can come too. The kiddo is very much looking forward to it. I will try to take pictures.

*GHD = Growth Hormone Deficiency

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