Friday, April 23, 2010


So the pen is very easy. It's prefilled (thank GOD) so all we have to do is remember the dosage amount. We screw on the plastic needle bin, pop off the top, and slide the needle guard off. The needle is only about a quarter of an inch long. Then we twist the back until the counter display hits the number that is the Kiddo's dosage amount (.7). We pinch some skin (thigh, stomach, hips, arm) and stick him, press the back of the pen to inject, count to five, and voila done!
Easy as it is, it is still a needle. I was still feeling the stomach butterflies. The man did most of the hands on. I did do one practice injection on a pillow, I distracted myself by showing the Kiddo each of the steps as I did them.

Then after all the practicing was done the Man gave the Kiddo his first shot. In the thigh. True to form the Kiddo didn't even flinch. He didn't look super happy either though. Still once the shot was done we asked him how it was and he said "good", and said it didn't hurt.

One shot a night, and in about 13 years and we'll be done! Hopefully I get a little more time to be comfortable with this before the Man gets deployed or an evening work shift. *sigh*

This afternoon is kindergarten orientation. I'm going to take my camera and we'll see if I'm brave enough to take pictures.

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C said...

"thigh, stomach, hips, arm"
Well, I guess you can't call giving the shots a pain in the butt, then, huh?


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