Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I need a filing cabinet

The Kiddo's new meds came today. As I set the paperwork from the boxes into his medical folder I though, not for the first time, how I really need to get myself a locking filing cabinet. I want it to lock so he doesn't get into it, then maybe I could store some of the spare medical stuff in there too (like the extra needles and alcohol wipes).
Anyway as I mentioned the Norditropin starter kit and medication came this afternoon via fedex. The white box on his left had the medication. It's a BIG box...
For just a couple med pens! Not to mention the big freezer pack (anybody need one that size?).
The other box had all the neat stuff. A freezer bag (up top), a big backpack for the Kiddo. alcohol wipes, needles, a desposal bin for the needles, a pretty neat case for the pens, and a couple information pamphlets.
I'm pretty impressed with the freezer bag. It has two inserts and compartments.

We still have not heard from the Nurse who is suppose to come visit and train us how to use them. I'm debating whether I should call her or not. Probably... but I'm having a cranky day so we'll see if I actually do it or not.


C said...

Whew. Looks like a lot of stuff there. *Hugs* to the mom who has to take care of all that.

Rach said...

Maybe you could make a trip down to Ikea. I think they have locking cabinets down there. We found a cheap non-locking one that we like. I'd also say call the nurse. You're probably not as high a priority to her as Kiddo is to you, so a friendly reminder never hurts! Good luck with the needles!

Gwyneth said...

Thanks for the hugs, :) I kinda feel like I need em today. Having a woe is me afternoon.

Good point Rach, thanks for the kick in the butt. I called her, she will call back tomorrow to set up a time to come visit.


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