Tuesday, April 13, 2010


There is a decided lack of Justice in this world. My mom and I were talking about that during my last visit. It wasn't a long conversation, but she mentioned that she was currently unhappy (understatement) with a group that pickets soldiers funerals. My jaw dropped, I haven't been keeping up with the news and missed that this was happening.

I saw an article today, a couple actually, talking about how a dad is suing the group. They picketed at his sons funeral ... I can't even imagine what that would do to me. I hope he wins, I hope somebody puts that group in it's place. Freedom of speech is one thing but I cannot believe these people would use a funeral as a way to get heard. I'm not sure if he can win, because of the freedom of speech issue, but I'm glad he's trying.

I wouldn't mind if a giant act of nature (meteor, sink hole, spontaneous combustion) took the whole group out right in the middle of their next demonstration either.


C said...

a lightning bolt from the blue would be most fitting, doncha think?

Lady D said...

i agree but it would have to fry them to the point that nobody would have to clean up the mess. that way everybody is happy

Gwyneth said...

I volunteer to clean up the lightning fry-mess, it IS a rather karmic ending lol


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