Friday, April 9, 2010


Yesterday the Man and the Kiddo went to the barber. The Man goes every month just before his drill weekend but I don't have the Kiddo go with the Man every time. The high and tight look is one of my favorites on him, but longer looks cute too so I can save a little money and just have it done every three or four months. He has so much fun going with his dad, they usually get to have their hair cut at the same time, and the Kiddo gets to watch the man while his is getting done. One of these times I should try and take a picture of him in the barber chair.
The Man is working today. I'm so used to him having Fridays off and not having him home is throwing off my week.

Yesterday I finally got my fabrics!! I am very excited, the colors I picked to match each other are exactly like I envisioned. I am looking forward to starting my projects with them and seeing how well I do making reversible Nook bags. I hope things go as smoothly as I think they will!

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