Thursday, April 8, 2010


This one is for the Man, and my dad. I had a lengthy conversation with my dad about the ipad while visiting last week. We were discussing who it was for (what market group) and who would actually USE it, vs the people who would buy it just because it's a neat looking gadget. Then last night I had almost the same conversation with the Man, except with him I also was able to mention that HP is going to be coming out with something similar. Though it does seem like nobody knows the actual "real" specs on it.

I for one hope that it's as good as they say. I like the idea of a very light laptop to use for my everyday purposes. Mine (as my dad knows now *chuckle*) weighs at least 8 lbs. It's an old model HP, does the job and has a nice big screen BUT it's a portable desktop (I think that's what my dad called it) and not really made for transporting around.

Watch the linked utube video ad (I appologize for the size issue, I can't figure out how to shrink an imbeded utube video so if it bugs you to watch follow it to utube and watch it there). After that follow the link and read about the HP Slate. Then tell me what you think. The only thing that I read that I wasn't sure on was the lower battery life... Though if I had one I'd be using it at home 90% of the time and I'm more then used to being plugged in to use a computer. It has the sd card slot on the side, usb jack,.. I love the camera, and more I LOVE the video camera (skype video phone conversations for the kiddo with aunties and uncles anyone?).

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