Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

Apparently the Kiddo’s vacation week (no school) equals a vacation week for me (no posting)… sorry, I should have realized that would happen and warned you (just in case you were checking in daily). Monday we should be back to a more normal posting schedule.

I should introduce you to the Kiddos newest pet. His name is Tear (as in, and I quote, “there are no tears, not even tiny ones”). Tear is a bumblebee pillow pet, and the Kiddo loves him. He lugs him around everywhere.

12-31-2010 pillow pet named tear (1)…………12-31-2010 pillow pet named tear (2)

And he flattens him out so he can sleep with him every night, bringing him out with him in the morning to keep him company during his pre breakfast resting (on the couch or in my lap)

12-27-2010 pillow pet from aunt Jo

He saw them in Target a few months back when we went shopping for a mattress pad for his bed. Then, of course, there were the commercials and ads in toy magazines... Suffice to say he’s been asking for one for awhile, and I kept telling him no because the last thing he needed was another stuffed anything on his bed. But then the Man blabbed about it and so his sister and her husband got one for the Kiddo... and I will admit to being okay with it, he really does love the silly thing, and it IS a bit cute.

As for the rest of life. Well there’s not much going on besides the snow storm, (8.5 inches when I stuck a ruler in it to measure yesterday afternoon). The Kiddo and the Dog are going crazy being cooped up inside but I can’t handle less then 17 degrees and am not willing to take them out more then I have too. I'm debating making the Kiddo come with me to the grocery store today just so he gets OUT and gets a little exercise.

Tonight is New Years Eve. I think I’ll plan dinner early and that I will buy a box of crackers and some ez cheese for him for our after dinner party snacks. If I plan it right he can still go to bed by 10 (or earlier!!) but get the feel of a special evening. We’ll see if I can pull it off.

I hope whatever you all have planned to celebrate tonight that it’s a little more exciting, or equally relaxing.

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Lynsey, Rob, Nate, and Brynn said...

Brynn wants a pillow pet so bad...


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