Thursday, December 2, 2010

King again?

I had a dream last night that I was a horrible parent. The kiddo was supposed to be doing some special project in school and I was supposed to be there helping him do it. But I didn’t know about the project so neither of us was prepared. We couldn’t find the class (they weren’t in the classroom) and as we walked around trying to find them he kept looking at me asking where they were and why he didn’t have the treats and papers he was supposed to have.

All of this probably caused by the fact that today the Kiddo gets to be king again. I know that some of the other parents go into the class to help out when it’s their kids turn to be king/queen. And sometimes they bring treats for the class to have. I’m not that motivated (other peoples kids make me nervous), and I feel guilty about it.

Anyway the Kiddo came home yesterday with a new “king for the day” paper. This time it was attached to a Christmas stocking. The directions said that he is supposed to pick an object to put in the sock, then he is to write down clues to help the other kids try and guess what his object is.


He picked his zu-zu pet, Nugget. He wrote down four clues. 1 – it starts with a z. 2 – it is orange and white. 3 - it rolls. 4 – and it talks.

I don’t think any of the kids will guess, hopefully he has fun doing it.

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