Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas AAR*

After giving him his shot the kiddo and I snuggled up on the couch Christmas evening taking one last look at all his presents under the tree.

I asked him, “Kiddo what is your favorite present?” He said “um I don’t have one, I like them all” I thought maybe it was just so late he couldn’t remember so I said “well you really liked the tramp, and the dragon, or maybe the noisy drawing table thing..”. He said “I DO like the tramp, it’s so cool… but I also like all of them, I don’t have a favorite because I love them all!!”

I wonder what he’d say if I asked him today (two days later). Anyway, now that it IS two days later I better get off my butt and post a blog with a few videos and pictures…


Santa filled the Kiddos stocking full of goodies, an apple, clementine, animal crackers, candy cane, box of fruit....

He also gave him the Astro Boy movie he asked Santa for along with an Astro Boy action figure. (under the tree was another gift from Santa with the Astro Boy playstation game and another action figure).

He really loves the mini trampoline. I haven’t talked to my folks yet so I don’t know if they like that they bought it for him but I do!! Every time he starts to get antsy I send him to jump, there’s a game on there that is like freeze jump (jump till the voice tell you to freeze, then wait till it tells you to go again) and that’s his favorite. There’s another that counts how many times you jump, I challenge him every time to get at least a hundred, he usually gets about 60 before pausing.

tramp from grannie and grampie (5)

You can tell by the video of him unwrapping Auntie D’s gift how much he loves it. I hope she makes her husband watch the video (since she said it was HIS idea to give it to him) because the Kiddo adores the thing.

DSCF6909……toothless from auntie D and uncle Rob (1)

He lugged it around all day on Christmas, to the point of taking it to the inlaws and flying it outside while he played tag with his cousins. I kind of wish I’d taken the video camera for that, it was really funny.

toothless from auntie D and uncle Rob (2)……..toothless from auntie D and uncle Rob (3)

Note the shirt he’s wearing. Uncle T sent that to us from Korea (along with a few other fun things, toys etc). The Kiddo really likes it, granted it’s about two sizes to big for him but to him that’s part of what makes it cool!! It’ll be awhile before he outgrows it.

Uncle P sent him a Crayola sound studio. You put a paper on the top and color it, and you can set certain sounds to play when you press different parts of the screen.

DSCF6912………….crayola arts n sound studio from paul

I don’t think he knew what it all did when he first opened it, he thought it was really cool that it was for art projects (he really loves doing art stuff) and he had a tiny idea that it made sounds but he didn’t’ realize he could make the sounds go WITH the picture.

Anyway it was fun, and hectic, and the Kiddo made out like a bandit. A little birdie told me that there's a gift on it's way from Auntie Ph so the Kiddo gets a little extension on the gifting excitement. There was even something under the tree for the whole family...

I cannot WAIT to use it... I remember when I was younger, on birthday, helping to turn the crank on my moms ice cream maker... I remember sitting on the porch step licking ice cream off the paddle too. I can now share that with the Kiddo, and I'm really happy about it.

I hope you all had a great Christmas, and that the Christmas wind down is going well... only a few more days and we'll be past New Years and done with the major holiday stuff. Next up, Kiddos Birthday!!

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Taggart said...

"So many presents!" (my coworker)
"Well he has so many aunts and uncles."

...which reminds me. I need to start paying more attention to Logan. I figure, he becomes part of the family more gradually, so its not weird...but maybe I should send him a random Korean toy too.

p.s. Where's the picture of the sleep pants?! What'd you end up doing with the pink ones? Maybe they didn't fit (they're supposed to be like a one-size-fits-all sorta thing)


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