Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thoughts on the future

If you were going to go back to college and get a degree what would you get it in?

I've been thinking quite a bit over the past few years about getting my butt back into school and getting a degree in something. I want to be more marketable then I currently am, and I don't want to feel trapped by my circumstances. I CAN go get a job, I can charm my way into retail pretty much anywhere (says the egocentric part of myself) but I don't think I can compete to get a "real" job with real pay and real benefits. Not in today's economy.

The reason I keep thinking about it, but not doing it, is the cost. Do I really want to take on student loans? Will I even qualify for them? Can I get grants? Can we use the Man's GI bill to help pay for it? SHOULD we use the Mans GI bill to help pay for it?...

Anyway I finally realized something, doing nothing doesn't help at all, if I'd figured all this out two years ago when I first started thinking about it I would have it DONE. I really need to start the process. I need to apply for grants and see if I qualify to get some. Find out about the GI bill and see how much it helps. Find out how many of my credits will transfer to whatever school I decide to go too.

The other big decision is do I go to a physical school (state university etc) or do I go to an online school. The latter would probably be cheaper, and a lot easier to schedule... but would it mean as much to employers?

Anyway that is what I spent my morning doing; Requesting my transcript, getting my federal student aid pin (for when I apply for it), finding a few schools and requesting information from them.

Oh and degree? I'm thinking Business/Accounting it seems like the best 'universal' degree I can get, and I enjoy working with numbers. Maybe with that degree I can get a banker job or an office accounting type job.

What do you think?

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Lynsey, Rob, Nate, and Brynn said...

I think business/accounting is a great field (I'm not biased or anything). With this degree you are instantly shiny to employers. If you got something like Nursing, then you could only be a nurse. But if you get something in business then so many more doors open for you. :) You can do it!!!!!


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