Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crazy times ten

The Kiddo has been nuts this week. I expected a little excess excitement, but the total lack of focus, and the tense energy he’s throwing out are about ten times worse then I could have imagined. I can’t even get him to sit and focus through a single writing of the alphabet (let alone our usual daily TWO writings). I gave up on it by Tuesday, we haven’t done any writing practice since then. And I break up his reading time into little five minute chunks of random reading (ie hey kiddo read this card to me type stuff).

12-21-2010 christmas tree (1)

In class on Tuesday the Kiddo made a Christmas Tree. I really LOVE how Mrs S had them make them, sooo easy and cute. I’m thinking about hitting the store for some ice cream cones so he can make a few trees to go on the cookie plates we’re giving the inlaws this year. I think he’d have fun with it, and I know his cousins would like them.

12-22-2010 pajama day at school

Wednesday was his last day of school this week. They had “pajama day” and he got to wear his flannels to school. It cracked me up seeing him in jammies, tennis shoes, coat and back pack. He loved it.

We’re down to the wire today.. tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I’m not sure if I’m ready!! I’ve got a lot of wrapping still to do.

On the plus side the fudge is made (yum), the moose tracks ice cream bread is made (yum), the oatmeal and m&m cookies are made (yum)… all that’s left is to have the Kiddo ice the sugar cookies and gingerbread men and put together the cookie plates.

I hope your holiday prep is going as smoothly (if not more so) then mine!

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