Thursday, December 16, 2010

hmm smells good (?)

Shopping for Men is difficult. Shopping for The Man is probably harder then most, he never wants anything. So I end up doing a LOT of internet searching trying to think of ideas. During one of these browsing sessions I came across this:At first I thought what a great idea this would be, I mean shoot his favorite is Jack Daniels, why not a cologne that smells like it? And I thought hmm what if it really does smell like it?? I mean it isn't like he can splash on a bit before heading to work, he'd probably get fired.

So I passed the idea on to my sister wondering what she'd think about it as an idea for HER man. She laughed, yeah can't work at a bank smelling like that either.

Which leaves me wondering (a lot) how it really smells, regardless if you have 35 bucks to toss around it seems like a super great gift idea for the man who has everything!!

*the picture links to the page where you can buy it just in case you're curious what else they have there etc.

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