Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Pictures… another year another photo

Randomly I like hot coco made with milk, it’s thicker... but if I don't have milk, coffee works (yum).

Another random is that Cupcake has finally shifted her sleep schedule to more reflect mine/the Kiddo's. She generally stays quietly in her crate until after 8 nowadays. I am so spoiled.


Speaking of cupcake Have you noticed that I can’t get a picture of her without her eyes reflecting back? Any time she’s looking at the camera it’s game over for a good picture. It drives me insane!

We did family pictures Friday afternoon. It was kind of the last possible moment and bad timing (as usual). The man worked a double the day before (meaning he hadn’t slept since he woke up Thursday morning at 6) so he was barely putting up with me and my “lets try again that one wasn’t good enough”. Can I just say that if you thought getting a kid in place and smiling in time for the 10 second timer click was hard, doing it with a dog and a kid was crazy!


And then came the smile issues. I know he isn’t TRYING to smile like a goober, the problem is he’s thinking about smiling. So I resorted to chucking him in the air a few times and then taking the “real” pictures while reminding him to smile like he did when mommy was throwing him.


It worked pretty well, he thought about me chucking him and giggled and grinned just fine for the other pictures too. I didn't post the one we're going to use as our official picture for the year, but you can check out the slide show of all the rest. There's one in there specially for my mom too *grin*


Lynsey, Rob, Nate, and Brynn said...

You are sooo pretty :). Chance is getting huge! Kev looks like he's all skin and bones now. We all need to get together more often lol Great Pictures!

Gwyneth said...

You're paid to say that Lyns ;)

We do need to get together!! I think it's been over a year since we actually hung out :(

C said...

Camera = buy at any store. Tree = buy at any store. The Man and CC ... and her with her elf hat up = priceless.

Taggart said...

I like #29 the best ('cept it doesn't have you). Dog's are adorable when they aren't licking my face.

Lady D said...

#24 is my fav!


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