Monday, December 20, 2010

December: Note to self...

Dear self... if you want stamps within the next two to three days get off your butt, go to the post office, and buy them!!! It is NOT worth "saving yourself the hour wait" to order them online. Why? Because even though the postal service web site says they will ship your stamps priority, they wont actually SHIP them for several days, which means you'll GET them an entire week after you ordered them. Which, just in case you weren't paying attention, is not the two to three days you wanted them by.

So, in summery... if you choose to be lazy, your Christmas cards* will NOT go out an entire week and a half before Christmas and you will be one very unhappy person. AND every time you check the mail and see no stamps you'll get crankier... which doesn't help if you're already fighting the Grinch.

* The good news is that I had a few stamps laying around so was able to mail all the "distant" people their cards last Wednesday. Both my Grandma's will get their cards any day now.. it's just everybody else that will have to deal with typical me lateness.

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