Monday, January 3, 2011

A Non Event

Today is the Kiddo’s first day back to school, he had a week and a half break for the holidays and he’s been enjoying every day of it. Every day after breakfast he would remind me that we didn’t go back to school that day, and then he would ask to go play. I know he missed school though, regardless of what he admits too, because at home he has no other kids to play with and every day he got a little bit more needy and demanding.

Last night as I tucked him into bed I reminded him that today was Monday and that meant school again. He sighed (a little theatrically) so I told him that I’m sure Mrs. S is excited to have her kids back in class (uh huh, I bet she really isn’t a fan of the first few days after a break) and that all his friends are probably looking forward to seeing him again. His little face brightened up quickly after that, “my friends? That’s right, my friend Randy can play with me”…

and I thought, without saying it out loud that Jenae might be a bit interested in playing with him again too… Christmas week she sent him home with his very first love letter (both sides are done). Of course I could be wrong, it might not be a love letter at all, the Kiddo didn’t have much to say about it… when I asked he just shrugged and said “some girl gave it to me”.

first love letter

Today is also the start of the new year (well plus two days heh). My resolution is to have this year run more smoothly then last (last year went better then the year before so I feel that should not be such a hard goal). My other resolution is to actually do the couch to 5k program. I think Cupcake might benefit from a steady running program and since I currently gasp like a fish out of water after 2 minutes of running I am hoping if I start now and do the entire program then by the time the weather warms up she AND I will be ready to take a daily jog.

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