Friday, December 17, 2010

Perfect Teeth

Yesterday was the Kiddo's six month dental checkup. As usual he scored 100% with perfect teeth... they said they could tell he makes an effort to keep them clean (yeah he brushes twice a day and flosses by himself after the afternoon one).

They also said the spacing looks great and he will probably not need braces!! I'm not holding my breath with the lower ones (they have space but they are close together, I think when the six year molars come in they'll push things around a bit) but I am hopeful they are right with the top ones.

Hearing that they look that good is a boost to my "mommy" ego... and, because of how good his teeth have been, the Kiddo really enjoys his dentist visits. Added bonus is that while we will continue to do six month check-ups we will only be doing x-rays at the yearly one. Go clean teeth!

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