Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve was a lot of fun for the Kiddo (and us), we went over to the Mans sisters house around 4 and spent several hours hanging out eating cookies and relaxing. Somewhere in the middle we gave each other gifts and the Kiddo made out like a bandit with his Grandparents (the Mans folks) giving him a Leapfrog Explorer hand held game system, his Aunt and Uncle (the Mans sister and husband) giving him a bumblebee pillow pet, and his cousins giving him a truck and walking transformer toy. I didn’t take pictures (ahem, oops) but will take a few tomorrow so you can see him with those gifts.

We finally got back home around 8:30, just enough time to get the Kiddo unwound before hanging stockings and tucking him into bed at 9. He was really worn out from all the activity and out like a light so by 9:30 we felt comfortable starting the Christmas eve prep.

Stockings were filled…

12-24-2010 Christmas Eve  (2)

And presents were quickly wrapped and placed under the tree…

12-24-2010 Christmas Eve  (4)

The hard part was on the Man who was tasked with building the mini trampoline. See every year the Kiddos Grannie and Grampie (my parents) send him Christmas money. And every year we put our heads together trying to think of something really great to buy him from them. This year we really didn’t have any ideas until I saw a random target super sale ad. They had a mini indoor trampoline at a great sale price (with free shipping)…

12-24-2010 Christmas Eve  (7)

We thought of how often we yell at the kiddo to stop running around… how often he gets so tense he can’t stop shifting… how much he looooves to jump on the couch/bed/chair/etc. And we decided that Grannie and Grampie would probably approve.

At any rate it is now 12:33am Christmas morning and the Man and I are bone tired… But we are patting each other on the back for jobs well done, and thanking ourselves for having the foresight to put the fear of God into the Kiddo should he dare exit his room prior to 8am. And we’re really looking forward to seeing the look on his face when he sees all the wonderful things waiting for him under his Christmas tree.

I hope all of you have had an amazing Christmas morning, and that you have (had) a relaxing Christmas day full of Love and laughter and joy… that you know how much you are missed and how full our hearts are with thoughts of you on this special day.

12-24-2010 Christmas Eve  (5)

Merry Christmas

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