Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Day–Christmas Eve…

I can’t believe that with all the days that the Kiddo has been in school I STILL have to wrap every single one of his presents. Not that there are that many (we tend to do things the way my folks did Christmas, two gifts is good… and then, you know, Santa usually brings two as well). Anyway I still need to wrap (tonight), and then I will take pictures of the stockings hung with care and the tree filled with gifts.. I’ll blog it, and I’ll have an email letter ready to send to my Grandma first thing in the morning. I couldn’t think of what to send her for a gift but I thought a few emails this week filled with festive pictures would be good, so that’s what I’ve done… I hope they bring her a bit of the kiddo’s joy.

12-23-2010 decorating cookies (1)….12-23-2010 decorating cookies (2)12-23-2010 decorating cookies (3)...12-23-2010 decorating cookies (4)12-23-2010 decorating cookies (5)...12-23-2010 decorating cookies (6)

Aaaaanyway yesterday evening we decorated cookies. Gingerbread men got clothing, and sugar cookies gooey’d... Yes, I’m awful, I bought green icing, I made white, and I gave the kid regular size and mini M&M’s, jelly beans, marshmallows, and red and green sprinkles.

12-23-2010 Christmas cookies

I did about half the cookies, there was no way he was going to maintain focus long enough to decorated them all himself. I think he had fun doing them though and he really loved the gingerbread men. I’m counting the whole experience/activity as a win!!

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Codi said...

Those cookies look yummy and sooo cute!!! We did the same thing last night, the kids love it!

Merry Christmas Eve!!


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