Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yesterday the Kiddo pretty much inhaled his dinner. I don’t normally see him eat that fast and wondered out loud to the Man a couple times about whether maybe he was growing again. After he finished eating dinner he cleared his plate and glass off the table, and stated loudly that he should now get a treat because he ate so well. I told him that was an okay idea, thinking maybe he’d hit the fridge for a candy cane kiss but instead he decided he would like some rainbow sherbet.

He ran to his room and got his step stool, stretched and strained to reach deep enough into the freezer to grab the sherbet container.


Then he got a bowl, a spoon, a serving spoon, and set the microwave timer for 15 minutes (so it could thaw). After that it was serve, put away, and eat. My kid is pretty good I gotta say.


The man and I made him figure out how to do the entire thing by himself. It took him two tries to place the step stool in a spot where he could duck under the freezer door AND reach far enough in to get the sherbet. It also took him a minute to figure out that he could scrape the sherbet off the serving spoon with his eating spoon.

He was pretty proud of himself when he was done :)

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