Monday, December 6, 2010

Trees and more trees

On Friday, as planned, we went to the Tree Festival… We started by looking at the really big ‘gingerbread’ house fronts. The Kiddo loved them, he gets really excited with the idea of making cookie houses that he can eat. I might have to try to get motivated enough to dig up my gingerbread recipe.


The Kiddo’s favorite trees all had trains under then. He told me several times how we really should get our own train to go around our tree because it would be so cool to have.

DSCF6637 DSCF6638

Of course there was a huge dinosaur Tree with display, and he did spend quite a bit of time looking at it. It really was very neat with the big dinosaur skeletons, books, ‘fossils’ etc.


I had three favorite trees. One that had a whole village underneath. One that was a swan lake tree (so pretty, I couldn’t get a good picture of the swans AND the tree though). And one that was a snowman tree (which I thought was super cute, I wouldn’t mind having a tree looking like that).

DSCF6647 DSCF6650DSCF6646

We walked for about three hours, the Kiddo’s legs were sooo tired by the end that he just wanted to sit down and rest. But we saw it all, and I think we got our $15 worth out of it. This is the third year in a row that we’ve gone and I think that makes it count as a Christmas tradition. It’s a good one. DSCF6656

Of course there were a hundred other trees and a couple rows of real gingerbread houses. I put the rest of the pictures into a quick slide show.

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