Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cards

When you buy a box of 24 cards and only send out 19, what do you do with the rest? You save them, then a couple years down the road you have a mish mash of random leftover cards that just about make up the 19 you need to send out that year.

12-14-2010 making christmas cards (1)

But, alas, this year we are 6 Christmas cards short. WHAT do do… should I go buy another box of cards and save the random for next year?? Nope, plan B is better: put the Kiddo in front of some paper with a pencil and crayons.

12-14-2010 making christmas cards (2)

First line: The first one is Rudolph. The second is the Kiddo as an elf, he’s got an open (woohoo) mouth.

Second line first card is an elf. Second card is Santa in his sleigh dashing away. Third is the gingerbread man running away so he doesn’t get eaten.

Third line first card is a Christmas Tree and present. Second card is the Kiddo and Santa in his sleigh. Santa is the top head, Kiddo is the one just under him.

12-14-2010 making christmas cards (3)

The Kiddo is extremely proud of of his home made cards. They wont go out to everybody, just a select few people, so if you get one know it’s a genuine piece of Kiddo art work. If you don’t get one know that it isn’t because you’re not special enough, it’s just that I didn’t have enough to send you one too :)

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